November 3, 2006

Sans Soleil - Asprovalta


Michael Trommer’s first releases were on Derrick May’s seminal Transmat label, and May’s sonic fingerprints are all over this classy three-tracker. The title cut goes sans drums for the first two minutes or so, building up a groove reminiscent of the classic beatless mix of May’s “Strings of Life.” When the beat does kick, it launches a smooth Detroit groove that keeps that familiar spacey vibe firmly intact. The two tracks on the flip are more of the same—long on ambience, complex multilayered programming, and funky yet laidback rhythms. With Detroit long since having moved on to other sounds, this is a refreshing step back. Those looking to reminisce, or simply looking to groove around in a state of bliss with their eyes closed should most definitely check this one out.

Truffle Music / TRUFFLE03
[Todd Hutlock]