September 22, 2006

Miss Fitz - Komisarin Kauz Sounds Good

Maayan Nidam (aka Miss Fitz) follows up her debut on Sushitech Purple with an equally strong four-tracker of percussive minimalist grooves, this time on the Canadian Archipel imprint. Lead track “Porn 04” pops along and careens with a swooping, sliding synth, punctuated by a random “Hey!” vocal sample that keeps things from getting too dark. “Plak Du Jour” follows a similar ping/pop rhythmic base, but this time with a warm and dreamy, melodic riff that gets your head nodding in several directions at once. A definite grower, as that damn riff has been in my head for days now. Remixes on the flip by Pheek (a slightly skewed rhythmic workout of “Porn” that adds a clipped hi-hat and some more glitchy noises to the mix) and Mossa (“Plak” taken down a dark alley and fed some amphetamines) work well, but Miss Fitz is the queen of this outing. Nidam’s material recalls similarly percussion-obsessed minimalists like Ryan Crosson (who remixed a track on the Sushitech 12”) or Gaiser, but she has enough of her own thing going on to make her a qualified up-and-comer in her own right.

Archipel / ARCHPL003
[Todd Hutlock]

July 28, 2006

Charts: July 28 2006

Guest Charts

Dave Clarke [Music Man]
Ulterior – The Death of Everything [Advanced]
Smith & Selway – Blink of an Eye [CDR]
Antony Rother – Youth [Datapunk]
Redshape – Shaped World [Delsin]
DJ XentriX – Driving Higher [CDR]
Advent – Templar [Etrx 30]
Noirdegout – Sharks Bay [CDR]
Poni Hoax – Budapest [Tigersushi]
Dcast Dynamics – Trans Migrations [Southern Outpost]
Adam Jay – Goathead [CDR]

Deetron [Music Man]
Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions Vol. 3 [Modern Love]
Rejected - SL3 [CDR]
Cobblestone Jazz - Dumb Truck EP [Wagon Repair]
Lost Trax - The Saturiun System [SCSI]
Atjazz - For Real [Innervisions]
The Sun God - Relics & Artifacts [Frantic Flowers]
DJ Yellow – Goddess [Ovum]
Ferrer & Sydenham - The back door [Ibadan]
Samuel L - Smokestack [Klap Klap]
Master H Unit - Hard time [F… U!]

DJ Strobocop [Karaoke Kalk]
DJ Jus-Ed Presents – Unity Kolabo EP [Underground Quality]
L.B. Dub Corp - L.B. Dub Corp [Mote-Evolver]
Tobias – Street Knowledge [Logistic]
Chicago – Without Makeup [Let’s Pet Puppies]
Dinky – Home on a Sunday [Horizontal]
Rekid – Next Stop Chicago (Jesse Rose Remix) [Rekid]
Junction SM – Junction SM [Kalk Pets 06]
Cassy 1 – Cassy 1 [Cassy]
Hugh Masekela – The Boy’s Doin’ It (Carl Craig Remix) [Verve]
JBP – Aphrotalk [Soul Jazz]

Magda [Minus]
Heartthrob - Proximation
Microfunk - The White Room
Tractile - Silent Room
Audion - Mouth to Mouth
Tractile - To Go To
Osvaldo - Valeria No More Vampires
Ryan Crosson - Squarehead
Daze Maxim - Simply Driving Gold
Seth Troxler - CLP
Elsubtracto - Box Fan
Matt Star - Art of M

Eglantine Gouzy [Monika / Osaka]
Young Marble Giants – Eating Noddemix [Crepuscule]
Animal Collective – Prospect Hummer [Fatcat]
Gang Gang Dance – Glory in Itself [The Social Registry]
Polmo Polpo – Requiem for a Fox [Constellation]
Tom ZE – Toc [Luaka Bop]
Silver Apples – Misty Mountains [KAPP]
Pretty Things – The Good Mr Square [Snapper]
Architecture in Helsinki – It’s 5 [Tailem Bend]
White Noise – Love Without Sound [Polygram]
Television Personalities – Velvet Underground [Domino]
Smog – Rock Bottom Riser [Domino]
The Slits – Earth Beat [Rough Trade]

February 24, 2006

Gaiser / Berg Nixon - And Answer EP / Box Escape EP

These two new four-trackers from Richie Hawtin’s M_nus imprint are essentially two sides of the minimal techno coin: both are Michigan-based artists, both are releasing their debuts, and both bear the tangible influence of their label boss. While clearly cut from the same cloth—deep, bubbling bass lines, thudding 4/4 beats topped with skittering percussion and hand claps, analog swoops, pings, and twitches, the odd processed vocal sample—there are subtle differences that bring different rewards from each. Gaiser’s outings are a bit more floor-friendly and densely constructed for the most part, and more likely to work into a standard techno set. Nixon (aka Detroit native Ryan Crosson) keeps it a bit more minimal and percussive, flaunting more of a Villalobos/Plastikman vibe; in fact, flipside highlight “The Depths” wouldn’t sound at all out of place on the latter’s Consumed, nor would the title track, as both work in a dubbed-up, dark, atmospheric vibe with lots of space and clattering percussion. Call Nixon’s the winner here, but fans of the vernacular will be pleased with both releases.

Minus / 36
Minus / 37
[Todd Hutlock]

February 24, 2006

Ryan Crosson - Artists Have Bad Haircuts

Ryan Crosson is another disciple of the M_nus sound, a druggy take on techno & mechanical funk that lives primarily between Detroit and Ontario. After a very promising 12” on Trapez last year, “Artists Have Bad Haircuts” finds him trying to shake off some of the excess DNA from Matthew Dear and Magda that also permeated his recent 12” as Berg Nixon. Nevertheless, Crosson shows off some excellent production chops, especially on the title track, where he positions a barely audible sweeping drone to sound like it is occurring completely outside the scope of the track. To put it another way, I was listening to it while stopping off at a local pharmacy and I thought this sweeping sound was the sound of the pharmacy’s radio seeping in to my headphones.

Telegraph / 023
[Michael F. Gill]

February 10, 2006

Triple R - Selection 4

The self-imposed mix has to be one of the toughest to undertake. Each year, Triple R has about twenty tracks to use to construct his yearly mix of the Trapez label’s greatest hits. Luckily for him, 2005 was one of the label’s finest and, most importantly, consistent. From John Tejada’s opening mix of Oliver Hacke through to Dominik Eulberg’s “Gasthof Zum Satten Bass” to the climactic “Painter’s Day” by Ryan Crosson, the mix is a muscular version of the year past: and one, if you didn’t check into the label’s output, that you shouldn’t miss.

Trapez / CD06
[Todd Burns]

September 8, 2005

Ryan Crosson - Say So

Detroit’s Ryan Crosson seems to be relatively new to the scene, surfacing with the Beretta Grey people, and issuing this, his first 12” on the vaunted Trapez Ltd. Imprint. And predictably, there’s much to recommend here. Crosson doesn’t seem to favor any style over another, turning in a quality selection of our tech-house tunes that would fit seamlessly into the middle of any DJ’s set. The only complaint might be that there’s no real highlight (is that a complaint?): each track seems to be the type of thing that’ll keep the party moving easily and cause one to wonder the next day what the hell those tracks were in between the flashier moments. Look no further.

Trapez Ltd / Trapez LTD 036
[Todd Burns]