September 22, 2006

Richard Hinge - Audiopath EP


Active since the late 80s but not having released anything for a fair bit, Conrail Records boss Richard Hinge returns with a three-track EP of electro-tinged techno that sounds a bit like a lost EBM record, right down to the sorta cheesy nude model on the cover and the unfortunately titled lead track, “Be My Bitch.” All that’s missing is an angry Germanic vocalist shouting over the top, but once “Bitch” hits its groove, it works fairly well. On the flip, “Time Continuum” adds a bit more techno and tempo to the mix, but still keeps the retro fires burning, while “Electrostatic” is more rhythmically interesting, but no less dated sounding. Nothing here to make you forget Nitzer Ebb, and nothing to really make you remember Richard Hinge, either.

Path / Path-007
[Todd Hutlock]