February 23, 2007

Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias - Boogie No More Remixes


Call me a hater, but I find it really hard to summon words that could dignify anything called the “Kraak & Smaak Boogie Angst Remix.” Having said that, it’s not horrible, per se. In fact the Marrakesh-cum-gypsy vibe is rather charming, even if it’s the type of thing you’d shamefully hide from your friends of the Rotterdam or Cologne mindsets. Next gig I get at a swanky cocktail bar, though…

On the other hand, the Reverso 68 Remix is a beaut that allows the Taste of Honey sample to intrude precisely enough into the track. Which is a lot, but the best house music takes the overly familiar and recasts it in a funky new light. Vocals through delay, BPMs amped up, some ropey synths, live-sounding percussionyeah, we’ve heard it all before, but in the wee hours of the morning or at 2 in the afternoon, this is just the thing to have you jumping up and down. The kind of track that you hardly notice while it’s on and then later realize was the best thing you heard all night. Highly recommended for all energetic deep-house and neo-disco DJsit’s pliable without being overtly anthemic, and could quite comfortably spend most of the year in your crate without people rolling their eyes when you drop it.

G-Stone Recordings / GSMX2 027
[Mallory ODonnell]