September 1, 2006

Limaçon - Muster Funk

After singles on Poker Flat and Resopal Schallware, Bay Area-native Christopher Lee returns Stateside for this three-track excursion into late-night minimal funk. A-side “Ajar” starts slowly, but builds layer by layer with some whip-crack percussion over a 4/4 beat and menacing low-end tremors forming the backbone, but taking a bit too long to get to the real heart of the matter. Once it gets there, it delivers the goods, though. The better, more immediate track is on the flip, as “Kunk” trucks along with some snapping, layered percussion and a subtle, swinging bass groove, adding buzzes, snaps, and warm, ghostly keyboard stabs for a laid-back groove that is just the right side of minimal. Third track “Rev” is a bit more leftfield, with some backwards stuff that sounds great in headphones but not necessarily for the floor. All in all, a worthy effort, and at half the price of that latest Traum single.

Intrinsic Design / ID019
[Todd Hutlock]

March 24, 2006

Fraktion - Fraktion

Following up his “And Answer” 12-inch on M_nus, Jon Gaiser drops three tracks of dubbed-out percussive minimalism on Resopal-Schallware’s Red offshoot. A-side “Nebokki” mines the same spacey territory as that single with some echoing riffs and effects, along with a deep-voiced vocal sample and a couple of squelchy breakdowns that drop the beat altogether to great effect. The two cuts on the flip, “Not Back” and “Bukl” are much more percussion-minded, with all manners of clattering clicks and pops and beats floating in and out of the mix and through all manners of filter. Gaiser may be new to the game, but he is quickly establishing himself as a producer to watch.

Resopal Red / 003
[Todd Hutlock]

January 5, 2006

Dapayk Solo - Fat Kid’s Choice

Dapayk comes off like an inviting Villalobos on “Perfume,” whispering come-on’s over a simple tech-house beat that veers into breaks every so often. But “Take It Back” is my highlight—featuring a woozy beat, a broken sonar pulse, and a clipped voice helpfully identifying the 1 and the 2. “Norbrac” is a straight bore, though, built for the floor and people who enjoy sound design.

Resopal Shallware / RSP032
[Todd Burns]