June 30, 2006

RadiQ - The Grass Roots EP


God I wish that this record’s track titles were rearranged. Dimbiman drives Yoshihiro “RadiQ” Hanno’s “Grass Roots” on a bombastic, digitally diced microhouse beat while slivers of strings and electro noises shower over Paul “Tikiman” St. Hilaire as he sleepwalks and mutters about “the roots of creation.” The track made me double-check the title several times to see if I was actually listening to the Akufen remix. Dimbiman’s kung-fu only makes Akufen’s actual remix treatment sound like a case of mononucleosis. Akufen romances a lite soul-jazz sleeper that’s best heard in suburban hair and manicure salons. It’s actually not a bad way for him to earn extra bucks if he can license the track to those places. It’s still better than Moby. Hannio’s own remix glides well on a smooth dub-house groove in which he brushes in neon-lit organ riffs and hits of DSP’d noises to spike the punch. Definitely a mixed bag here.

Logistic / LOG056
[Cameron Macdonald]