April 25, 2007

Black Devil Disco Club - Black Sunshine


Black Devil Disco Club, an ancient French one-off project that many thought was a prank played on eager dance completists, resurfaced after many moons with an album in 2006, and now this set of variant takes. Discogs and iTunes seem somewhat at odds as to whether these are remixes or collaborations, but the former feels likeliest. Quiet Village (Matt E. of Rekid and Joel Martin) present the amazingly-titled “I Regret the Flower Power” as an ambient-trance chiller, all about the floss and shimmer. It’s a bit epic and a bit minimal at the same time, if that makes any sense. It doesn’t, so we use it to set the mood while people start filing in and move on to “The Devil in Us” (remixed by Elitechnique), which brings the old acid-laced Italo-cheese fondue to a rapid bubble. Bring a fork, as it’s mighty delicious, a bit like something Kano might have come up with if they’d been produced by Bobby “O.” Last up, “Coach Me” pairs BDDC quite naturally with neo-italicists In Flagranti, for an orthodox performance that could easily have been stuck on the original album release in between “We Never Fly Away Again” and “Follow Me.” A bit lopsided to be sure, but still desirable to Italobscurophiles who’ve turned the original release into a “19 members have this, 127 members want this” type of rarity.

LoEB / LoEB 003
[Mallory ODonnell]

July 28, 2006

Quiet Village Project - Circus of Horrors / Free Rider


Free Rider by this recently Virgin signed duo sounds like early Ninja Tune flipside fluffjust some lazily looped cocktail party spillagewhich isnt whatever I want from a label that charges about as much for one 12 as I set aside for a months supply of food. Luckily, Circus of Horrors ups the heat considerably, recalling a time when budget record labels jammed out session band tributes to Deep Purple and Anglo musicians of a certain type managed to make cash and experiment doing soundtracks for wiggly horror flicks (think Psychomania or The Abominable Dr. Phibes.) It pits rocksteady drums under fuzz guitar and an almost as fuzzy flute, and is topped off with screams and vocals that are macho, if by macho you mean a certain type of intrinsically camp performance. And therein lies the disco, I guess.

Whatever We Want / WEWW10
[Patrick McNally]

May 19, 2006

Rekid - Made in Menorca

Depending on where youre coming from, Rekids Matt Edwards will probably be better known for his big-room house remixes of Elton John, Tiga, and Jentina or for his bearded disco as Quiet Village Project. Rekid catches him making slo-mo frozen-in-the-strobe-light discoid house. 85 Space and Tranzit sound like Edwards has slowed them down in an audio editor until echo and spring reverb swirls like thick cream poured slowly into black coffee, and thats probably what they arescrewed, but not chopped. Sometimes I listen to this record and nothing happens, its disco with its blood drained and cold lips, but sometimeslike right now!the degraded cowbell and resonant white noise creep of tracks like Lost Star6 or Arp are as voluptuous and overwhelming as any woman in a Fellini movie.

Soul Jazz / SJR132
[Patrick McNally]