May 5, 2005

Spirit Catcher - Voo Doo Knight EP / Between Brothers EP

Admit it, you always wanted to like trance. You first gave in a tiny bit with Kaito and you’re secretly looking for a little bit more. But not too hard. Well, John Tejada makes it easy for you, appearing on Spirit Catcher’s most recent 12” for the Polyphonics label by remixing the kinda-trance, kinda-electro, kinda-house “Between Brothers,” but it doesn’t hold a candle to the original, which sends reverbed shivers down the spine. It hardly gets near the massiveness of “Voo Doo Knight,” though, which jacks a Jackson bassline, rolls out Metro Area handclaps in between a cavernous bass drum, and a melody that sounds like it’s being pushed forward by a hand crank. Sure, it doesn’t beat “Street Hawk”’s spirits being caught, released, and brought back in again melody. But it comes close and it’s on the B-side. So it’s not like you’re missing out. On trance, though? Yeah, you’re definitely missing out.

Mood Music / MOOD 029
Polyphonics / PR02
[Todd Burns]