August 25, 2006

Gabriel Ananda - Miracel Whop

Fresh off the snappily titled “Irhe Personliche Glucksmelodie” single, Gabriel Ananda now drops his latest confusingly-named twelve-inch, “Miracel Whop.” Luckily, we don’t need a spaceman-to-English translator to confirm or confound these grooves: this is minimalism played-out as pop, as delightfully plasticized as anything out of the Kompakt camp, as boot-whippingly (or whoppingly) chunky as any Perlon sides, and as ridiculously revisionist with yr tech-house history as the Poker Flat crew. The two A-sides (the title track and “Leikau”) play out two very-different variations on micro-adjustment; the former rubberizes click tracks and puts a soldering iron to the bouncing-tire results, the latter re-imagines a techno world in which fragments of wholly inappropriate pop tracks are just as sample-worthy as 808 kicks and moog rushes, then splices them together to trill and puke all over your trucker-hat house party. On the flipside, the engagingly-titled “Dopplewhipper” re-enacts a rave circa-1988 with Berlin circa-2004 touches and emerges hiding goodies underneath a tucked-in trenchcoat that totally has “2006″ emblazoned upon its collar. Outstandingly now!

Platzhirsch Schallplatten / Platzhirsch 08
[Mallory O’Donnell]

March 3, 2005

Gabriel Ananda - Limited #2

There’s no such hemming and hawing with Gabriel Ananda’s deep-house excursion. “Heizkissen” is all roiling bass and pounding drums with synth stabs that seemingly emerge from the ether to shock you into submission, while “Tropophonie” is a bit dubbier and more measured, and comes off as an older and more mature cousin to the boundless energy of “Heizkissen.” This one is a toss-up as to which side you’ll want to put on first.

Platzhirsch / Platzhirsch Ltd 02
[Todd Burns]