January 19, 2007

Pigon - Little Albio Street

It’s funny how these things become entrenched, isn’t it—those unwritten rules within genres: try having a coolsie guitar band without “The…” in the title (hey, “The Titles,” that works). It’s an equally impossible feat to be a German producer without pseudonyms, alter egos, and aliases, it seems. Pigon is Efdemin’s straight shooting dark techno cousin, with bigger balls and bells and less tears, for your dancefloor delectation.

“May in Little Albio Street” is still waiting for those darling buds to burst forth, by the sounds of things. Pigon’s vision of the place has one track imagining 90s Detroit imagining deep space and the other few bouncing through loops full of driving melancholy. It all works well enough, but there’s a touch of the empties about the rigid corners, and not enough of those sweet, smoky memories that Efdemin’s best work evokes. The B-side “November in Little Albio Street” suffers from the same stiffness, but with a plug-in borrowed off Lawrence’s desktop for the main melodic motif, and could almost be a Peter Kersten co-write. Like the A, it’s a nice ride that putts along, but never really soars.

Dial / dial 33
[Peter Chambers]