April 24, 2006

SCSI-9 Puzzle EP

Ah, those Russians… If I’ve learned one thing from the constant stream of new techno I’ve been privileged to hear via this column, it’s that I listened to SCSI-9’s debut album in entirely the wrong circumstances (while at work) and relegated it to second-tier status far too quickly. Each release I hear from these cats adds a new layer of energy and accessibility, and this three-track single is no exception. Slick, trimmed-down beauty is the order of the day, juggling aesthetic validity with an untrammeled purity of motion. Minimal electronic music is not something that normally motivates me to do much besides nod along, but the way SCSI-9 lay it down, moving my body and my head aren’t mutually exclusive.

Phlegmatek / 001
[Mallory ODonnell]