November 10, 2006

Charts: November 10 2006

Guest Chart: Mathias Schaffhauser, Ware

Ricardo Villalobos – Unflug / Good Groove & Yapacc Remix [Frisbee Tracks]
Bond & Blome – Tentacular [Sender]
Five Green Circle – Ochim EP [Meerestief]
NDKJ – Pimp / from „Put It Where You Want It EP“ [Maschine]
Oliver Koletzki – Follow Up / Kiki Remix [Stil vor Talent]
V.A. – Mobilée Remix Series Vol. 4 / Daniel Stefanik Remix [Mobilée]
Agnès – Is She He [Einmaleinsmusik]
Garnica – The Lucky Guy [Galaktika ] – Panakia EP [Ware]
Mathias Schaffhäuser vs. V.A. – RE:2 / Vinyl Selection [Multicolor]

Mallory O’Donnell
Greg Wilson - Chocolate Factor [Redux]
Alice Smith - Love Endevour (Maurice Fulton Remix) [BBE]
Sessomatto - Movin’ On (Joey Negro Remixes) [Z Records]
Tantra - The Double LP [Importe/12]
V/A - El Mejor Italo-Disco De Los 80’s [Contrasena]
Skatebård - Midnight Magic [Digitalo Enterprises]
Matt & Kim - Matt & Kim [IHEARTCOMIX]
Blowfly - Blowfly’s Disco Party [Weird World]

Michael F. Gill
Alan Banford - Delanox [F1]
Pheek - Magda Had A Little Troll ([a]pendics.shuffle remix) [Clever Music]
Freddie Mercury - Love Kills (More Order Rework By The Glimmers) [Parlophone]
John Dahlback - My Secret [Acid 80 Italy]
Jetone - Sufraise II [Apnea]
Arpanet - Event Horizon (Instrumental) [Record Makers]
Umwelt - Kiss In The Dark [Satamile Records]
Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Monotonism [Tendenzen Freier Entfaltung]
Rekleiner - Sideways [Catwash Records]
Phase - Espresso [Ingoma]

September 22, 2006

Miss Fitz - Komisarin Kauz Sounds Good

Maayan Nidam (aka Miss Fitz) follows up her debut on Sushitech Purple with an equally strong four-tracker of percussive minimalist grooves, this time on the Canadian Archipel imprint. Lead track “Porn 04” pops along and careens with a swooping, sliding synth, punctuated by a random “Hey!” vocal sample that keeps things from getting too dark. “Plak Du Jour” follows a similar ping/pop rhythmic base, but this time with a warm and dreamy, melodic riff that gets your head nodding in several directions at once. A definite grower, as that damn riff has been in my head for days now. Remixes on the flip by Pheek (a slightly skewed rhythmic workout of “Porn” that adds a clipped hi-hat and some more glitchy noises to the mix) and Mossa (“Plak” taken down a dark alley and fed some amphetamines) work well, but Miss Fitz is the queen of this outing. Nidam’s material recalls similarly percussion-obsessed minimalists like Ryan Crosson (who remixed a track on the Sushitech 12”) or Gaiser, but she has enough of her own thing going on to make her a qualified up-and-comer in her own right.

Archipel / ARCHPL003
[Todd Hutlock]

February 24, 2006

[A]pendics.Shuffle - Hot Guardian & The Freestyle Formula


Following in the hotness of the recent Pheek 12”, Kenneth James Gibson ([a]pendics.shuffle) delivers one of his best singles to date for his own Adjunct label. Much more raw and jackin’ than his releases on Orac, the lead cut “Dirty Bed” is an instantly addictive low-end monster, with an ominously sleazy vocal and some aggressively wet stabs of acid. The Westend Ghetto remix of “Dirty Bed” is rather similar but gives the track a bit more room to breathe, cutting up the vocals and using them more sparsely. Rounding things off is another bass-heavy swinger, “Optimal Clamour,” that veers close to sounding like a nasty dub of Green Velvet. Recommended.

Adjunct / 004
[Michael F. Gill]

February 10, 2006

Pheek - Ideal Love

Adjunct, run by Orac’s Apendics Shuffle, is becoming another North American minimal label to watch out for. For their first non-compilation 12”, Montreal’s Pheek delivers three organic splashes of gooey minimal house that never calls presence to itself. This is a good thing though, as the ear is kept very busy by the crosscurrent ripples of gurgling synthetic water that dominate the entire EP. It’s such a defined timbre and tone, that any melody or progression would be like letting the air out of a vacuum. Provided you’ve got an ear for early Perlon-esque squiggles, “Ideal Love” encourages many repeat listens.

Adjunct / 003
[Michael F. Gill]

June 23, 2005

Label Profile: Contexterrior Records

Contexterrior is a label geared at bringing sub bass, click, and glitch heavy music to your bedroom and the dancefloor.” So says their website. But things have a way of mutating and evolving into forms that you’d never imagine when you begin them. With its latest releases, Contexterrior has shown itself to be a label interested in a new brand of psych-house—the type of music that Ricardo Villalobos explored intensely on last year’s Thé Au Harem D’archimède.

Ricardo vs. Jay
Prefer Summer
, 2004

The title track of this 12” illustrates what I’m talking about perfectly. At 12 minutes long, it takes one watery synth theme for its length and then puts a whole host of garnishing around it. The beat is rubbery and hardly a stomper, but it provides just enough backbone for the whole thing to stand steady enough to keep everything on the table. It’s hardly going to knock over dancefloors, but it’s intense home-listening. The dancefloor is taken care of on the other side of the vinyl: “Cactus Love” is an awkward jaunt, until halfway through when it finds its footing and starts to really hum. Literally. “Archive” on the other hand revives the rubbery for an almost goofy sounding tune that puts its faith in reverb.

Ricardo vs. Jay
CNTX 08.5
, 2004

Sessions must’ve gone well, as this 12” followed up “Prefer Summer” immediately in 2004 in the Contexterrior catalogue. The words printed on the B-side of the vinyl here are “Mother Earth Is Pregnant - Feed Her Some Funk” and it probably illustrates the difference in the two works best: “Fenlow” is a far more substantial piece of dancefloor material than “Prefer Summer.” Here, the track rides a riveting beat as coiling glitches and effects work themselves out over its 12-minute length. “Kick the Verb” is a heady surprise from the two, it being a relatively straightforward banger that delivers on the promise of their collaboration fully and unexpectedly. “It’s Alright” similarly rocks a more obvious beat and is all the better for it. Definitely recommended.

Jay Haze vs. Robag Wruhme
Socrates Rules
, 2005

On the label’s first release of 2005, Jay is collaborating again, but this time with Wighnomy Brother Gabor Schablitzki. “Change Is Natural” leads off the proceedings with a suitably Wighnomy-esque slow-burner that seethes along its length, until a slight crescendo in its second half. The track, along with the rest of the 12” go straight for the label’s insistence on love of bass and revel in it. And while “Do Something” and “Change” are worse for the wear because of the adherence to dub, “Don’t Stop” is another highlight that wouldn’t be anywhere without its bass bona fides. That and the cut-up vocals and rolling toms that inch the whole thing forward without break.

Pheek vs. Vivianne Project
CNTX 11,

The label’s latest 12” isn’t necessarily a vs. proposition, as the title states: Pheek singularly provides the first three tracks here, while new on the scene Vivianne Project finishes it off with “Der Frau.” Pheek’s contributions here are typically deep, typically accomplished, and typically boring. While it’s obvious that he’s a talented producer and deserves to be here, it’s hard to heartily recommend anything here because it hardly anything excites or surprises. Vivianne Project is another story: “Der Frau” makes you jack, rather than sway or nod; makes you gasp, rather than acknowledge or appreciate; makes you want to seek out more, rather than accept it for what it is. Considering this is coming from someone that only has one other 12” to their credit (on Contexterrior affiliate, Textone), the future is looking bright for Vivianne Project.

[Todd Burns]