July 18, 2007

Various Artists - Sasomo EP

Hi! I’m back from a dream where I had a brief look into the future. Here’s the news for you: eternity is dulled, but she remains resolutely horizontal. So, with the world remaining indifferent to my personal peaks and valleys, why not have my music be the same way? During its twelve minute duration, Matt John’s “Soulkaramba” consists of three plucked bass notes, some dried out percussion run through damp effects, live-sounding drum skitters, the occassional idle chatter, and a recurring synth drone on one note. It goes nowhere, it does nothing, and sounds nonchalantly cheerful while doing it. I empathize with it a great deal. I could write a short story and walk through a street festival while listening to it on loop, such is my comfort level towards its tender indifference.

The other two cuts here aren’t so bad, but lucid and undisturbed they are not. With “Elevator”, Phage and Daniel Dreier appear to have slightly lifted their head out of the minimal kitchen sink, but both of their ears remained submerged. There’s still too many restless percussion fills cluttering up the track by itself, but these Bisy Backsons remain great cannon fodder for minimal DJs who play out. Audio Werner is also on hand with “Kabarett”, a more low-key techy affair with a recurring motif of grainy, synthetic plucks that never really let the groove settle in. These two b-sides feel like escapism or distraction compared to John’s side of straight up reality. And I can’t help wanting to continue walking down the endless straight line of the latter.

BAR25 / BAR25-2
[Michael F. Gill]

May 18, 2007

Charts: May 18 2007

Peter Lansky

The Black Ghosts - Anyway You Choose To Give It (Extended Version) [Southern Fried Records]
Passions - Emergency [Kitsune Music]
Para One - Midnight Swim (Surkin Drowning Mix) [Institubes]
!!! - Must Be The Moon (Hot Chip Remix) [Warp]
Black Devil Disco Club - The Devil In Us (Dub Version) [Lo Recordings]
Herbert - Moving Like A Train (Smith & Hack Remix) [Studio !K7]
Booka Shade - Tickle [Get Physical]
Bjrk - Earth Intruders (Spank Rock Remix) [One Little Indian]
Lindstrm & Solale - Let’s Practise [Feedelity]
Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) [White]

Michael F. Gill

Andre Crom - Reiner Wahnsinn [Sender Records]
Shyza Minelli - Haunting Me [Tuning Spork]
Pablo Bolivar - The King Of My System (Phage & Daniel Dreier’s Whisper Mix) [MIS]
Ark & Mossa - Homme Sweat Homme [Complot]
Skream feat. Warrior Queen - Check It [Tempa]
Dee Scott - Irresistible [Electric Ice Records]
Scientist - Rids The World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires [Greensleeves]
Can - Soon Over Babaluma [Spoon/Mute]
Stephanie Mills - Sweet Sensation [20th Century Records]
Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy (Serge Santiago Version) [Catskills]

March 10, 2006

Phage & Daniel Dreier - Beeswax

Welcome to the minimal kitchen sink, where you dont have wait more than ten seconds before another stuttering, puking, or chopped up vocal goes ba-jah-de-um-ah, where belching acidic bubbles are scribbled all over and tense synthetic organs are ready to become your latest earworm. Your body will bump to a jumpy and fidgeting kick drum, and you will experience no less than twelve aquatic spills into wells of reverb. You will be tickled three times every seven seconds if you dont keep dancing, and youll learn quickly that being tickled so often can be rather annoying. Now you wouldnt want to come here unless you wanted to get down, as there is no hope in trying to mentally process all eleven hundred and forty of the microscopic sonic permutations that occur in these nineteen minutes. We are here to drive your body mad, not your mind. Please watch your step as you slide in.

Klang Electronik / 104
[Michael F. Gill]

September 15, 2005

Phage and Daniel Dreier - Salt and Vinegar

Sometimes when Im on the dancefloor I ask myself where DJs find these interminably funky mid-set filler tracks that serve as bridges to the sets highlights. Heres one. Composed of three minimal micro-sampled tech-house tracks that could sub in for one another in a pinch, Phage and Dreier have released one of the most successfully forgettable 12s that Ive listened to in recent memory that Ill be sure to try to ID when Im lost in the drunken haze of another Friday night. Thats a compliment, but not necessarily a recommendation.

Highgrade / Highgrade 027
[Todd Burns]