February 23, 2007

Paco Osuna - Crazy

Barcelona DJ Paco Osuna makes his Plus 8 debut with this four tracker (and again, a fifth available if you download it from Beatport—am I the only one who doesn’t like that trend?) and the bouncing, layered minimal tech-house grooves fit the imprint nicely. The title track features a bunch of little ping-ponging analog bleeps and riffs that build in frequency and intensity nicely over the six and a half minutes, but the secret weapon is the sizzling, distorted hi-hat sound that he uses on the breakdowns. “Alsound” and “Joakhim” feature a more standard and more fucked up percussion pattern respectively, with the former being more of a trad banger and the latter being more of a funky workout thang.

Closer “Sechamps” sounds a lot like vintage Plus 8 stuff from the early 90s, but in a good way, and online bonus track “Cretine” is a slightly slower take on the same style. So all in all, another solid Plus 8 release, but what’s really amazing to me is how Richie Hawtin manages to recruit all of these totally diverse artists for his label, then they turn out tracks that fall perfectly in line with the Plus 8 house style, even after more than 15 years. Neat trick, but no one else really does it and we techno fans do tend to be creatures of habit, so I can’t complain. When’s Speedy J coming back?

Plus 8 / PLUS8093

[Todd Hutlock]