June 22, 2007



On this fourth edition of Influx, we profile Chelonis R. Jones. Stylus editor Todd Burns talked to Jones about his upcoming album Chatterton, the cover art to Dislocated Genius, and what’s it like to be the “Franz Kafka of electro-pop”…

01: Chelonis R. Jones - I Don’t Know
02: Marc Romboy vs. Chelonis R. Jones - Helen Cornell
03: Chelonis R. Jones - Sky Is Sea

[INFLUX #001: Orac Records]
INFLUX #002: Hand on the Plow]
INFLUX #003: Foundsound]

October 13, 2006

Charts: October 13 2006

Guest Chart: DJ Barbara Preisinger [~Scape, Berlin]

Alix Alverez & Mr.V - Beat Bodega vol1 [Sound Channel Music]
Shed - Shot Selection [Selection records]
Deadbeat - Version Immersion [~scape]
STL - Purple Saturn Days [Perlon]
Pantha Du Prince - Lichten [Dial]
Ferrer & Sydenham Inc - The Black Door [ibadan]
Nathan Cole - Musik Freak [Funkd]
Andy Vaz - Remixes [Background]
Herrmann & Kaden - Corroboree [Freude Am Tanzen]
Beckett & Taylor - Hired New Hands [Hand On The Plow]

Michael F. Gill
And One Sometimes (Instrumental) [Virgin]
Terrence Fixmer Resistance [Gigolo]
Deepchild Blackness of the Sea (Luomo Remix) [Future Classic]
Chagrin DAmour Chacun Fait (Dub) [Barclay]
Black Gold Cmon Stop [Prelude]
Kiko Solar [Notorious Elektro]
Alisha All Night Passion [Vanguard]
Stephane Signore & Wehbba Destiny [Bound Records]
Red Lipstique Dracs Back (Dub) [Magnet Records Ltd]
Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats Let Them Talk [Soundway]

Todd Hutlock
Lawrence - Deep Summer Hole [Dial]
Lazy Fat People - Shinjuku [Wagon Repair]
Heidi Vs Riton - Vejer [Get Physical]
Sense Club - Tommorrov Cocktail [Perlon]
John Dahlbaeck - Wet Summer [Kompakt Extra]
Trentemeller - Always Something Better (Trentemeller Remix) [Poker Flat]
Meek - Glowing Trees [New Ground]
Andrew Weatherall - Feathers [Rotters Golf Club]
John Hassell - Voiceprint (Blind from the Facts) (808 Mix Two - Latin In It Mix) [Opal]
Dirt Crew - Largo [Dirt Crew Recordings]

Nate DeYoung
My My - Songs for the Gentle [Playhouse]
Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet [Kranky]
Rex the Dog - Maximize [Kompakt]
Matthias Kaden / Onur Ozer - Pentaton / Twilight [Vakant R]
Mobilee - Back to Basics [Mobilee]
Pikaya / Andomat 3000 & Jan - Grne Raufaser / Entr’acte Music [Cadenza]
Bruno Pronsato - Lady Collage [Orac]
The Modernist - Presents “Popular Songs” [Faith]

September 22, 2006


On this third edition of Influx, we profile Foundsound. The label puts out music showcasing quirky, dancefloor-friendly tracks constructed from fragmented samples, organic minimalism, and random field recordings. Stylus editor Todd Burns talked to Sean ONeal and Cyhl Takerkart about the Philadelphia electronic music scene, the differences between DJing and producing, and whats up next in 2006 and 2007 for the label.

01: Sarah Goldfarb - Forty Years Ago I Sold My Body
02: Redwan - Macky & Donald (Fusiphorm Remix)
03: Someone Else - Goofball
04: Omar Salgado - Miniature

[INFLUX #001: Orac Records]
INFLUX #002: Hand on the Plow]

September 8, 2006


Beatz by the Pound introduces its newest podcast: Influx. On this second edition, we profile UK imprint Hand on the Plow. The label puts out what co-label head Steven Taylor calls 21st century blues and returns this month after a more than two-year hiatus. Stylus editor Todd Burns talked to Taylor, Laszlo Beckett, and Matt Southall about the origins of HotP, the music that theyre each producing, and about the slew of releases that they have upcoming in 2006.

01: Spandex - Whats Wrong With You
02: Beckett and Taylor - Where There You Been Gone Find It
03: Pleated Lemon - Cocks and Fannies
04: Beckett and Taylor - Hoody (Instrumental Version)

[INFLUX #001: Orac Records]

August 25, 2006


Beatz by the Pound is proud to present its newest podcast to the world: Influx. On the first edition, we profile Seattle-based Orac Records, a label specializing in experimental dance music. Todd Burns interviewed co-label head Randy Jones about the origins of Orac, his own music under the alias Caro, and about the future plans for the label.

01: Strategy - Super Vamp
02: Bruno Pronsato Wuorinen
03: Appendics Shuffle - Cleanse You
04: Caro - My Little Pony

February 24, 2006

[A]pendics.Shuffle - Hot Guardian & The Freestyle Formula


Following in the hotness of the recent Pheek 12, Kenneth James Gibson ([a]pendics.shuffle) delivers one of his best singles to date for his own Adjunct label. Much more raw and jackin than his releases on Orac, the lead cut Dirty Bed is an instantly addictive low-end monster, with an ominously sleazy vocal and some aggressively wet stabs of acid. The Westend Ghetto remix of Dirty Bed is rather similar but gives the track a bit more room to breathe, cutting up the vocals and using them more sparsely. Rounding things off is another bass-heavy swinger, Optimal Clamour, that veers close to sounding like a nasty dub of Green Velvet. Recommended.

Adjunct / 004
[Michael F. Gill]

February 10, 2006

Pheek - Ideal Love

Adjunct, run by Oracs Apendics Shuffle, is becoming another North American minimal label to watch out for. For their first non-compilation 12, Montreals Pheek delivers three organic splashes of gooey minimal house that never calls presence to itself. This is a good thing though, as the ear is kept very busy by the crosscurrent ripples of gurgling synthetic water that dominate the entire EP. Its such a defined timbre and tone, that any melody or progression would be like letting the air out of a vacuum. Provided youve got an ear for early Perlon-esque squiggles, Ideal Love encourages many repeat listens.

Adjunct / 003
[Michael F. Gill]

October 27, 2005

[a]pendics.shuffle - Helicopter Hearts

I havent been as big a supporter of Orac as I want to be. The releases have all been good, but nothings been knock-yr-socks off great. All that changes with Helicopter Hearts, which is the fully-formed jacking treat that Ive been waiting for. The opener My Helicopter Heart and Your Words Are Necessary are two of the funkiest micro-sampled tracks not made by Marc Leclair, while follow-up Baneful Leather is a moody and deep house joint that, ahem, lathers you up for the climactic third side of Dirty Hood and Cemento. Seek this one out, if youre a My Way fan.

Orac / ORAC17CD
[Todd Burns]

June 16, 2005

Profile: American Microhouse

American microhouse? The essential problem, I think, is that the country is just too big. Whereas parties in Cologne and Berlin perhaps focus the energies of those scenes, the drive to other cities is almost oppressive in allowing sounds in the Midwest and the West to form properly. Thats why the self-run labels Ghostly International (and its dancefloor leaning subsidiary Spectral Sound) and Orac are so important towards the creation of a truly American aesthetic. Just dont ask me exactly what the hell it is.

Slavery When Wet
Orac / ORAC16

Mossas first 12 for the label seems to be as representative as any: Slavery When Wet is a cut-up house cut that boasts vocal tics, slivers of dub, and sundry bells and whistles inside of its glitch moments. Its all laid out by the one-minute mark and, by the time you reach five, it all seems a tad more repetitive than most. Ben Neviles mix of the song immediately dispels any qualms, as his faster-paced take runs through all of the possibilities of the song, rarely overdoing any one portion throughout the length of the song, which is incidentally the exact same as the original. The B-side, Gastrula, stretches out its arms and moves in the same arena as its predecessor, but does so more confidently. Its counterpart, Gastrula (Crushed), hammers the song into nearly half of the original and is a highly abstract joint that only really gets going two minutes in and doesnt really ever find its step completely. Some mixed feelings on this one, but Gastrula is definitely a keeper.

Bruno Pronsato
Silver Cities
Orac / ORAC09CD

You could hardly find anyone with a bad thing to say about Pronsatos Silver Cities full-length last year, which is why I tried to stay silent on it. That being said, Wuorinen reminds me much more of Pronsatos DJ sets, about which I have nothing but kind things to say (Go see him live, you wont regret it.). The song is first-rate microsurgery-house, intersplicing elements that only begin to make sense later on, but never take away from the moment. And its funky as hell. Jackmates remix is stellarexactly the sort of smooth rejoinder to the semi-schizophrenic original. Its Live in Cascadia that I keep coming back to, though, which takes the best elements of both tracks that come before it for an epic B-side of dubby micro-house that shouldnt be missed.

The Return of Caro
Orac / ORAC14CD

At the very least, you should get a good look at the cover for Caros first album for his own label. It features, presumably the label head himself, atop a pony and looking quite dapper. For a genre increasingly fond of humor, its a brilliantly pompous image that cant help but make you smile. Music-wise, the album veers over and says hello to just about everything imaginable: acieed, Italo, down-tempo, minimal house, and jazz. Heavy Wheel does one of these synthesized moments best, working a Keith Jarrett piano into a fascinating duel with acid bass. Of course, the previously released My Little Pony is a highlight, but honestly that tracks adherence to the one genre that Orac can be accused of favoring (cut-up house) is the exception and not the rule here. Cant Tell Why, for example, moves straight from dubby techno into a fierce jacking beat, for example, hardly stopping along the way. Caros The Return of Caro sounds exactly like what you might expect from the guy that is credited with helping create software called Jitter for Cycling74, but thats hardly a bad thingitll keep you on your toes throughout.

Geoff White
Spectral Sound / SPC-29

Labeled sketches, intended to show off his incredible production diversity, Etsche is Whites second 12 for Spectral in a series started with Ince. Unlike that more natural outing, Etsche finds White mining the more techno side of his personality, instead of the langorous ambient guitar side best exemplified by Aeroc. The closest he comes is Guitarjacked, which is too indebted to Steve Reich and Hurley to make much of an atmospheric impact. But Whites music, especially gem B-side Scillecta, never gets too hard That track rides bubbly synth pads and melodies, and a severe lack of low-end, into mid-set bliss.

Brian Aneurysm
Das Element Des Menschen
Spectral Sound / SPC-31

No lack of low-end on this, Brian Aneurysms initial entry onto the label. In fact its probably the hardest song that the label has ever put out. Ostensibly an ode to water, the A-side crackles with intensity and purpose, throwing out stabs along the way that pierce rather than comfort. Similarly, the B-side Unwanted is a single-minded slab of vinyl that doesnt let up. Otherworldly voices, shifting blocks of rhythm, and a melody built from a simple four-note bed distract but momentarily from the ferocious beat. James T. Cottons mix of Das Element Des Menschen turns on the acid and throws the vocals through a variety of effects changing the tenor of the song rather drastically, but keeping the high level of quality.

[Todd Burns]