July 28, 2006

Beatzcast #7: DJ Surface [Cosmo Lee]

“Give In”

01: Give Intro
02: Gui Boratto – Strobe / Phortune - Can You Feel the Bass
03: John Tejada - Sucre
04: Tiga - Hot in Herre
05: Booka Shade - Pong Pang
06: Gaiser - And Answer
07: Memo - APN Jam (Jeremy P. Caulfield Remix)
08: Wighnomy Brothers - Dukktus
09: Knossos - Tarak (Makedon Remix)
10: DJ T. - Funk On You (Putsch ‘79 Remix)
12: DJ T. - Time Out
13: MAT101 - Haunted House
14: Einmusik - E Keli
15: Marco Carola - Ascent
16: Carola Pisaturo - Dorilla
17: Tony Thomas - Bonus Beats
18: Davor O - Long Gone (Short Edit)
19: Carola Pisaturo - Gambariga
19: Anja Schneider - Addicted
20: Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Version
21: Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Harzer Roller
22: Wighnomy Brothers - Moppal Kiff
23: Marco Bailey - Siestanyol
24: Oliver Hacke - Subject Carrier (Alex Under Remix)

February 24, 2006

Oliver Hacke - Mid Atlantic


Straying away from his home base of Trapez, the press blurb for ?Mid Atlantic? totes this as being Hacke?s ?house? release. Aside from not allowing any of his warm, dubby chords to smear and adding some more buoyancy to his tempos and basslines, there?s isn?t much difference between ?Mid Atlantic? and his Trapez material. Still, it?s good to see old Ollie (as he is never called) being loose and up-front, especially on the standout cut ?Track 87,? which adds a funky ascending/descending bassline and chopped up horn squawks without relinquishing any of his usual dubbiness. If nothing, this release shows once again how dance music is such a game of millimeters, in that a slight buoyancy in tempo can equate the difference in which genre or subgenre producers and DJs classify records in.

A Touch Of Class / 017
[Michael F. Gill]

February 10, 2006

Triple R - Selection 4

The self-imposed mix has to be one of the toughest to undertake. Each year, Triple R has about twenty tracks to use to construct his yearly mix of the Trapez label’s greatest hits. Luckily for him, 2005 was one of the label’s finest and, most importantly, consistent. From John Tejada’s opening mix of Oliver Hacke through to Dominik Eulberg’s “Gasthof Zum Satten Bass” to the climactic “Painter’s Day” by Ryan Crosson, the mix is a muscular version of the year past: and one, if you didn’t check into the label’s output, that you shouldn’t miss.

Trapez / CD06
[Todd Burns]

October 6, 2005

Alex Under - Dispositivos De Mi Granja

The second single artist CD release on Trapez sees Triple R tapping little known talent Alex Under, who has only two 12” releases previously on Trapez. Under has risen to prominence lately on the strength of his work on the Spanish minimal label Cmyk and Dispositivos De Mi Granja feels like a culmination of sorts. Glossy synths play out their ever-busy patterns amid up-tempo house rhythms that congeal and expand at a moment’s notice. It’s a fascinating release, one that sneaks up on you a bit, sounding far simpler than it actually is. Much like Oliver Hacke’s Trapez full-length, this is one’ll yield a lot on repeated listens.

Trapez / Trapez 55 / CD5
[Todd Burns]

August 25, 2005

Oliver Hacke - Subject Carrier (Remixes)

Going along on that remix tip, Oliver Hacke gets two of his Subject Carrier tunes reworked here by micro luminaries, John Tejada and Alex Under. Tejada’s mix benefits from more immediate source material and he doesn’t disappoint, coloring the stunning melody of “6:04” in only slightly different, but no less beautiful, ways. Alex Under has a harder job ahead of him, but he turns in a rather refreshing take on “7:03,” which doesn’t skimp on the deep house beats or the lithe synthesized melody.

Trapez / Trapez 054
[Todd Burns]