February 16, 2007

Midnight Operator - Midnight Operator


The first offering from Mathew Jonson and his drum ‘n’ bassier brother Nathan (aka Hrdvision) doesn’t sound too different from what you’d imagine it to besquelching, menacing bass melodies set against housey breakbeatsbut there is a warped sense of structure and an abundance of quick and filtered edits that makes it hard to fully grasp. Make no mistake, this is involving head music, but perhaps too involving for dancefloors.

The convoluted funk of the title track, which could be snuck into an adventurous dubstep set, would rather run in circles instead of leading you somewhere. On the B-side, a cut up of Mathew’s “Revenge of the Zombie Bikers” becomes more detached and solemn than the original, the famous bassline sounding closer to Kode 9 than Carl Craig. Worth investigating.

Wagon Repair / WAG 021

[Michael F Gill]