September 15, 2006

In the Mix: Nativespeaker [Peter Chambers]

36 Degrees Celsius (Possible Thunderstorm)

01. AM/PM – No Matter Whether [Dreck]
02. AM/PM – The Ends [11] [Dreck]
03. Lawrence – Teaser [Kompakt]
04. Carsten Jost – Krokus [Superpitcher mix] [Dial]
05. James DinA4 - ??? [Esel 03]
06. Luomo – The Right Wing [Force Tracks]
07. Oxtongue – Delight [Voight & Voigt mix] [Kompakt Pop]
08. Mark Henning – With the Folks [Freude am Tanzen]
09. Guido Schneider – Long Distance Runner [Pokerflat]
10. Dublee – Eleven [Mule Musiq]
11. Noon(at – 780km nach osten [Salo]

January 5, 2006

Mark Henning - Yeah But No But EP

I’m 90% sure that this EP was named after that catchphrase from Little Britain, the oft-fellated, rarely humorous BBC import. No matter, though. Henning’s newest offering is as varied as his last with the seething minimal “Mahlzeit” residing next to the odd Basic Channel shuffle dub of “Skiffle Freak” on the A-side. The flip sees an stuttering acidic “1471” cohere every so often into something special, and the slow-starting “Gooner” never really cohere into much of anything at all. Henning needs to pick “yes” or “no” and stick with it.

Freude Am Tanzen / FAT 024
[Todd Burns]