July 28, 2006

Various Artists - Confuzed Disco

From the sixties ‘til the eighties Italian cinema did well for itself swallowing up American genres and then regurgitating them just nastily enough to create something new in the process. From the mid-seventies onward their music industry, pushed on in part by soundtrack composers, did the same. Where the related compilation I-Robots tackled post-Moroder electronic disco, Confuzed Disco is, well, just what the title claims, covering more electroid new wave. But that’s new wave as might be understood by a cheap film producer looking to score a blue-neon lit nightclub scene in a sweaty French Connection knockoff. There’s lotsa second language crap raps (check N.O.I.A.’s date rape anthem “Do You Wanna Dance”) and stilted, uptight machine drum patterns here, but it retains a certain charm. The second disc of contemporary remixes casts its net a bit wider into some already-compiled Italo classics with a gorgeous, relaxed Morgan Geist re-edit of Gaz Nevada’s “Special Agent Man” and a version of Nevada’s “I.C. Love Affair” by Munk that struts with a bass-loaded staccato swing. Amongst the others remixing are Lindstrom and Prins-Thomas, Radio Slave, and Kiki who, no surprise, surgically extract the original groove whilst leaving behind the grossest signifiers. Sometimes it’s their loss.

Mantra Vibes / IRM822 CD
[Patrick McNally]