May 2, 2007

Moodymann - technologystolemyvinyle


Maybe it’s wrong to say that there’s been a stirring of the Detroit house old-guard—after all, both moody bastards Mann and Theo have been releasing consistently throughout the 2000s. But at the same time, there does seem to be an awareness on their part of their growing esteem and re-appraisal within the Continental community as part of this whole resurgence in deep house.

What’s offered here is a one-sided EP titled (topically for a reviewer listening to an MP3) “technologystolemyvinyl.” For the price of admission, you get a very Moody outing, fusing jazz drums, keys, and trumpet with Dixon Jr’s deep, driving house grooves. As with a lot of his old material, the track is mixed like a sound collage or DJ mix that crossfades between the jazz track and it’s house other, while adding field recordings of an audience of dancers whooping, clapping, and generally carrying on.

It’s an old formula, but is it an old dog—or just old hat? Is novelty your bag? Any question of judgment in this case would have to weigh the relative values of novelty and innovation with the pleasing presentation of a tried-and-true method. And that depends on your sympathies, I guess. But to me, neither the jazz arrangement nor the housey parts are spectacular enough to warrant re-visiting this old ground without an alibi.

If you’re new to Moodymann, skip this and get your ears around A Silent Introduction and Forevernevermore. And if you’re not… ? The irony might be that this is worth downloading, but not buying. Oh dear.

KDJ / KDJ 35
[Peter Chambers]

March 30, 2007

Beatzcast #25: Nativespeaker (Peter Chambers)


Nativespeaker - dysappearance

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