June 2, 2006

Vitalic & Linda Lamb - Bells EP

Vitalic has made a pretty solid reputation for himself out of turning other artist’s cliches into something exciting—and he’s done it here yet again. However, about another foot further towards the sound of 90’s dance and I’d be shaving my legs again and waiting for the Chemical Brothers remix. As it is, he keeps the big, booming rock beats and acid-wash textures in careful balance—very admirable. There’s something in this track that suggests a certain dangerous presupposition, though: the more Vitalic creeps towards floor-filling beats, the closer he gets to wackness. Now, “Bells” ain’t wack—but it very well could have been. Luckily, there’s some squirrelly synths and (duh) bell-like tones that keep us tuned in. A compromise, then: between all-out success and deep textural pleasures in the service of a somewhat dubious God.

Citizen / CTZ011
[Mallory O’Donnell]