June 2, 2006

The Life Force Trio - Space Flowers


Daedelus concocts ace leftfield hip-hop, dresses like a dandy in concert, and has a heart of gold. But why did he have to spoil the best moment of his remix of the Life Force Trio’s “Space Flowers”? He places the listener in the lobby outside the concert hall where that lullaby is playing. The loose jazz-hop beats, the glum clarinet melody, and the sighing, melancholic vocals are blanked in enough reverb and echo to fit that picture. When the beat steadily marches home and the woodwinds bid farewell after the song’s peak, a studio producer’s voice suddenly interrupts and says, “That’s nice!” Curses. Nonetheless, Daedelus gives a much needed surprise to Life Force’s otherwise flat single. “Space Flowers” is a ballad built on a simple, almost rudimentary keyboard melody that builds tension to the point where a beat is crucially needed—but never arrives. Life Force mastermind Carlos Niño (of L.A. leftfielders Ammoncontact) fares better on the b-side, “Starship.” He achieves a genuine psych effect with melted Moog drones and soulful organ stabs that genuinely hypnotize. Ammoncontact then takes that ship through the cosmos in their remix. Over a deft Reggaeton beat, Rapper Myka 9 tells everyone that alien abduction is truly liberation from Earth. His sales pitch is delivered like a seasoned Army recruiter with an arm around a naïve college kid. I’ll see you in Roswell.

Plug Research / PLG72
[Cameron Macdonald]