July 29, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 30

Jahcoozi - Reworks (Careless)
Genre: House, Leftfield

Tiger Stripes / Solomun - Hooked / Jungle River Cruise (Liebe Detail)
Genre: House, Minimal/Deep

Nate DeYoung: It didn’t take too long until I realized that yes, once again, the sky must still be quite pink.

Social Being - Free Your Mind (Tuning Spork)
Genre: Minimal/Tech

Peter Chambers: The guitar part is like a memory, like the raw acoustic riffs struggling against the walls of digital feedback in Fennesz’ Endless Summer.

Turbo Crystal - French Girl (Tiny Sticks)
Genre: Leftfield, Neo-Disco

Luciano - Fourges et Sabres (Perlon)
Genre: Minimal/Tech

Peter Chambers: Luciano, unlike Guns n Roses (theres a first time for every comparison), has achieved that rare thing, a track which almost totally suspends the sensation of time passing, which thrusts you into a soundworld which is propulsive and immersive.

Socks and Sandals - Rishi Saturn (Microcosm)
Genre: Minimal/Tech

Beatzcast #43: Crambe Repetita

Kevin J. Elliott reviews Chromeo’s Fancy Footwork

July 24, 2007

Tiger Stripes / Solomun - Hooked / Jungle River Cruise

200712"House • Liebe Detail • Minimal/Deep

It started with just a gnaw something a little too coy to bring on dj vu. The synth pads smack dab in the middle of Solomun’s “Jungle River Cruise” were too obvious to ignore and too diffuse to pinpoint. Like their hint of friction and immediate release, it didn’t take too long until I realized that yes, once again, the sky must still be quite pink. Solomun wears the hat well though, tipping it and moving on, while others are too busy staring at themselves in the mirror (I’m waving my finger at you, Stephan Bodzin).

What it comes down to is that “Jungle River Cruise” is comfortable in its skin despite the minimal clichs - the prog-house builds, the “as far as we’ve never been” rhythm, the drugged, wafting vocals. They’re the clichs that only become more ingrained with Tiger Stripes’ “Hooked.” I guess the phrase “if you can’t beat ‘em fuck ‘em” isn’t flippant anymore deep house and minimal are becoming a more deep-seated and synergizing affair each and every day.

Liebe Detail / LD 017
[Nate DeYoung]

July 12, 2007

Dennis Ferrer - Son of Raw (Locodice Remixes)

The synthetic alliance between smooth rolling NY deep-house and its continental variations is in full effect with the ascendancy of Connaisseur, Mobilee and the like. It’s not a new bridge, strictly speaking - people like Glowing Glisses and Steve Bug have been showing sides of this style for years, or hinting around it. But now it’s explicit. Jerome Sydnenham has appeared on Liebe Detail, remixing ex-Pokerflat-er Argy. And now LocoDice (with Martin Buttrich ghosting him at the controls) is remixing Sydenham on Kerri Chandler and Dennis Ferrer’s Sfere sublabel Objectivity. This is but a condensation point, rather than the whole story, but it gathers the formative planks.

It’s an easy alliance, one that fits like it sounds - like so much of Loco (and Buttrich’s) work, there’s a very low friction aesthetic which allows tracks of “very little, almost nothing” to glide along for minutes on the home system…but then you get to the club and hear the sub-bass written into them, watch the crowd digging it, and say “Now I get it.” For the price of admission (or maybe just a file transfer), you get two totally Loco interpretations, the “Brooklyn Roll” (a mere pop song at 5:54) and the “remix” (a full clip of beats at 10:32). The latter is definitely for the floors, bringing that big drum feel that LocoButtrich do so nicely, then adding lots of stabbing sound events, the odd snippet of the original’s vocal, and a gathering stormfront of atmospheres rolling overhead. At times it verges on Radioslavery, but there’s less of the macho heavyheavy that abounds in Edwards’ big tracks and things are kept moving along - ten minutes doesn’t feel overlong. The samizdat track running through here seems to a very toned down version of DJ Pierre’s “Turn It Up”. Is LocoButtrich the king of mild pitch house? The Brooklyn roll shortens things, for DJs (or crowds) who bore easily. I’m not sure how this will age, but right now this is a neat track that will serve its dancefloor well.

Objektivity / OBJ 004
[Peter Chambers]

June 29, 2007

Beatzcast #39: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music featuring new music from Liebe Detail, Get Physical’s Kindisch, and Tattoorec.com…

01: Ink and Needle - Number Seven [buy]
02: Raz Ohara - Whitmey Na (Nass Aka Geiger Ride Vocal Mix) [buy]
03: TNT - L8 [buy]
04: Tiger Stripes - Hooked [buy]
05: Pharoahe Monch - Body Baby (An Optimo [Espacio] Dub) [buy]
06: Mountain People - Mountain003 [buy]
07: Murat Tepeli feat. Prosumer - What Makes You Go for It [buy]
08: Chris Rea - Josephine (Visti Edit) [buy]

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June 29, 2007

Charts: June 29 2007

Nate DeYoung

Tiger Stripes / Solomun - Hooked / Jungle River Cruise [Liebe*Detail]
Half Hawaii - Mir Nichts / Dir Nichts [Hello?Repeat]
Brendon Moeller - Jazz Space [Third Ear]
The Mountain People - Mountain People 003 [Mountain]
Argenis Brito - Micro Mundo [Cadenza]
Henrik Schwarz - Walk Music [Innervisions]
Blackstrobe - I’m A Man (Audion Donation Mix) [Playlouderecordings]
Mock & Toof - Zomby [Mule]
Sorcerer - Surfing At Midnight (Prins Thomas Miks) [Tirk]
Eddie Kendricks - Thanks For The Memories (Lee Douglas Edit) [White]

Michael F. Gill

Peter Horrevorts - You Look But You Don’t See [Kanzleramt]
Brando Lupi - The Attitude [Dozzy Records]
The Dining Rooms - Thank You (Skwerl Dub) [Schema]
Roland Appel - Dark Soldier [Sonar Kollektiv]
Dredl Kibosh - I Found You [Fenou]
Jupiter Black feat. Fred Ventura - Hold Me [Clone]
Salome De Bahia - Outro Lugar [Yellow Productions]
Billy Griffin - Hold Me Tighter In The Rain [CBS]
Earth, Wind, and Fire - Let’s Groove [CBS]
Cappuccino - Tomorrow [Black Sun]

June 25, 2007

Portable - Don’t Give Up (Remixes)

Bodycode’s The Conservation of Electric Charge would have been better titled “Flying under Fanbase Radar”, such was its woefully under-appreciative reception. Along with Jan Jelinek’s Tierbeobachtungen (a very different pleasure admittedly) nobody seemed to get it, to have gotten it, or even to care, despite my squeaky protestations that they should, they really should. Abrahams’ inclusion on the recent Death is Nothing to Fear EP along with rising star Par Grindvik and Matthew “Raygun Audion” Dear seemed to confer a good (dries sticky, sets permanently) bridesmaiding. All this by way of saying, get the album, have a listen, and give Bodycode the listening his subtle creativity deserves.

With that rant out of the way, let’s turn to the music at hand, and another great remix EP, but a remix of what? “Don’t Give Up”, apparently. But discog it however I might, I can’t seem to find the original. Is this proof of some kind of remix primacy, that the original doesn’t even have to be released anymore? Bodycode’s remix is a twelve minute journey through his sound, with all those cool little polyrhythms, that metallic flange, and a slow stabbing synth line. This track is a gem, twelve minutes of rolling, kicking techno plateaus with an overlong fade at the end. Cassy’s version takes her typical mixture of sparse and voice, adds a blues harmonica in the background, makes everything unsettled with a droning sample, and then (suddenly and almost miraculously) introduces a very Tortoise-y bassline, which brings it all back home. The rich bright metal of the strings sounds lovely against the shadowy background.

Meanwhile, somewhere near a bath-house, Lawrence is writing the gayest track he’s ever made (and not in the Cartman sense). I wonder how he saw his monitor with all that sticky steam. In truth though, it’s more like “Frankie goes to the Panorama Bar” with the blue synth washes undercutting the Mardi Gras vocal. Lawrence’s sound-design dead-ended itself on The Night Will Last Forever after a productive three preceding years, but here, as with the inklings on his recent(ish) Liebe Detail release, you get the sense of a new vector. All three tracks here work beautifully on their own, but together it’s an exceptional EP that shows three interesting artists doing some of their better work of the past year.

Sud Electronic / SUED 010
[Peter Chambers]

June 17, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 24

DeepChord - Vantage Isle (echospace [detroit])
Genre: Techno, Dub

Todd Hutlock: Vantage Isle is perfection for anyone looking for the logical successors to the Basic Channel throne, or just looking for something mellow for those steamy late summer nights.

Ame - Balandine (Innervisions)
Genre: Techno, Progressive/Trance

Gudrun Gut - In Pieces (Monika Enterprises)
Genre: Downtempo, Minimal/Deep

Peter Chambers: If you’ve ever seen Michael Mayer do his dance behind the decks, the Burger/Voigt remix is, well…this is what the dance “sounds” like.

Audion - Noiser / Freds Bells (Spectral Sound)
Genre: Minimal/Tech, Techno

Nate DeYoung: Dears previous all-excess all-acid diet lead to the dreadful and desperate cul-de-sac of “how can I add even more?” With “Bells” and his recent string of songs, it sounds like he realized the question shouldve been “How can I make it sound like I’m adding even more?”

DJ Koze - All The Time (Philpot)
Genre: Minimal/Tech

Argy - 1985 (Liebe Detail Spezial)
Genre: Minimal/Deep, House

Motorcitysoul - Kazan (Exit Cube) (Aus Music)
Genre: Electro-House, Minimal/Deep

Peter Chambers: Classy gear for warming up cool-hearted floors.

Beatzcast #37: Crambe Repetita

Mike Powell talks to Gui Boratto

Thomas Inskeep’s bluffer’s guide to ’80s R&B

Mike Orme reviews Justice’s

Fergal OReilly takes on Burn Your Own Church by Black Strobe

June 14, 2007

Argy - 1985

200712"House • Liebe Detail • Minimal/Deep

If we are, as Peter Chambers notes, in the midst of the “Year of the Remix”, there’s going to be more than a few virtual hecklers in the back row pointing out that P. Diddy must be avant these days. So what would make 2007 any different than the past 25 years? It’s a question that could hole up a think tank of monkeys for days, but the optimist in me likes to believe that they’re now seen as less of a shrewd marketing technique and more for their collaborative potential. Well, that and it’s still a shrewd marketing technique.

Which makes Spezial, the new imprint for Liebe Detail, a bit more interesting than just diversifying brand. After beginning with two remix EPs, Spezial’s first proper artist single also makes sure to include one of the best remixes of the year. Argy, jumping from his Pokerflat ship, gives “1985″ a chunk and a half of organ stabs set around enough sirens and cymbal breakdowns to fill the strictest of hands-raised seizure quotas. It’s good, but feels too compartmentalized, too precise for you to let go. Which isn’t a problem for the Sydenham and Rune remix. They duo act like they’re unable to color inside the lines, but in the best possible way, smearing all the organ stabs in every life-affirming direction.

Liebe Detail Spezial / LDS 003
[Nate DeYoung]

May 11, 2007

Beatzcast #32: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mini-mix of electronic music…

01: Ilya Santana - Discotized [buy]
02: Para One - Midnight Swim (Beckett & Taylor Remix) [buy]
03: Luca Bacchetti - Rolling Brooklyn [buy]
04: Tiger Stripes - Voyage (Dance Mix) [buy]
05: Audiofly & Paul Harris - Miscalate [buy]
06: Sebbo - Beirut Boogie [buy]
07: SOG - SOG 1.1 [buy]
08: Rene Breitbarth - Graveyard Swing One [buy]
09: Pepe Bradock - Rhapsody in Pain (Live) [buy]
10: Sneak Thief - My Sullen Mistress [buy]
11: Whitey - Stay on the Outside [buy]

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May 9, 2007

Shed - Remixes In Four Parts 2


Detroit is dead. Long live Detroit. So seems to be the case with the new generation of producers gathering around the signifiers of Motor Citys glorious, melancholy high-tech funk. In hindsight, Cassys Panoramabar mix of last year gave the best gloss on this new (not new) trendency within groove music. Cassys mix deftly revealed the sometimes overt, sometimes covert, sometimes inchoate connections between the neo-minimal soundworlds of Mathias Kaden and Liebe est Cool, the old classics of Rick Wade and DBX, and the neo-classic techno of Redshape and Shed, whose glorious Well Done my Son brings her mix to a wonderful, glorious crescendo.

Shed (whoever (s)he may be) and his/her label Soloaction has been one of the vital producer-connectors in this new constellation of affinities, and this remix EP offers the best of the progeny back to the forefathers of the funk for a re-blessing. Hearing the first bars of Echoplexs remix of Cityslicker was like remembering something. Ah, this is how it was, my brain says. Classic, but not retro, the mix freshens the link with the past to suggest a fresh examination of deep space. Old hand Shawn Rudiman likewise provides some of that classic feelbut heres where this interesting new exploration is in danger of becoming a retro/revivalist trend. The track ticks all the boxes, but is not nearly as compelling as Echoplexs mix.

Netherlands newbie (in relative terms) MBC opts for a high-pressure, galloping percussive loop to push the sounds towards you, coming across as something not unlike Stephen Browns work on Transmat, although never quite reaching those ecstatic heights. (Un)surprisingly, Brown crops up on Sheds next remix EP. If youre new to the Shed sound, Id suggest checking out some of his/her own releases first, but if youre already digging the vibe, then this EP is worth it, just for the Echoplex mix.

Soloaction / SOA1210/2
[Peter Chambers]

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