December 8, 2006

Kudu - Playing House

Nublu Recs doubles as this pretty slick bar in Alphabet City NYC, serving as homebase for label ops and a performance space for most of their kinda-jazz, kinda-dub, kinda-afropunk, kinda-funk NY-based acts, the best of which is this here three-piece Kudu. Frontwoman Sylvia Gordon has these massive firelined pipes—we know that from “Bar Star” and other burners from Death of the Party—but when the words come out her mouth on “Playing House” she’s smooth operating. I mean, totally frenzied as usual, but there’s something sweet and sirenic about it too. It works well with the song, which has got a propulsive afro-punk vs. trip-hop beat whose soaring figures atop will remind old people of Siouxsie and young people of theSTART!. Remember theSTART!? Christ.

Given the track’s “heavy stomp with lots of stuttering percussion in the background” routine, I’m not surprised the DFA’s Juan Maclean and Eric Broucek abstracted it into hard techno. The duo give Gordon’s vocals the hiccup loop treatment not unlike what Kompakt’s the Field is making a killing off of, and if you can get behind that warm synth loop, there are all these IDM twinkles that remind me of early Mouse On Mars. The Lopazz Remix further contorts Gordon’s vocals, cuts them up, and sprinkles them among stuttering claps and a steady round thump—it’s OK but, for better/worse, not the go-to.

Nublu / NUB 12005
[Nick Sylvester]

December 8, 2006

Charts: December 8 2006

Todd Hutlock
Pier Bucci - Instinct [Crosstown Rebels]
Radioactive Man - Itisanditisnt [Rotters Golf Club]
Vince Watson - Renaissance [Planet E]
Baby Ford - Beach Bump (Wildflower Mix) [Rhythm King]
Point Blank - Frug [Phono]
Loco Dice - Vamos a Cali [Cadenza]
Thomas P. Heckmann - Strobe [Bpitch Control]
False - .Wav Pool [Plus 8]
Hecker - Untitled (KIT 001) [Rephlex]
Compass - Gliding [Cabinet]

Mallory O’Donnell
Tomboy – 4 [Gomma]
Ost & Kjex - How Not to Be a Biscuit [Crosstown Rebels]
Thomas P. Heckmann – Medusa [BPitch Control]
Bangkok Impact - Aus Birgittes Tagebuch [Crčme Organization]
Kudu - Playing House [Nublu]
Escort – Karawane [Escort]
Luciano - For Disco Only [For Disco Only]
Smackos - Waiting For the Red Bear [Strange Life]

Michael F. Gill
Daniele Baldelli - Cosmic Sound [Mediane]
Ricardo Villalobos – Africolaps [Perlon]
Dirty Minds – I Want U (Dub) [Eskimo]
John Dahlback – Our Song [Pickadoll]
Rude 66 – Break The Silence [Vynalogica]
Bertine Zetlitz – Girl Like You [EMI]
DJ Assault – Crank This Mutha [Booty Wax]
Jimmy Ross – Fall Into a Trance [Quality / RFC]
Walter Gibbons – Mixed With Love [Salsoul]
Philip Glass – Prophecies [Nonesuch]

December 1, 2006

The Diskokaines - Rock-A-Boogie


The original is all over the place—everywhere from big apple rappin’ to electro to Chicago house to hard techno—and in the process wastes a pretty-OK vocal hook, which at one point bites the phraseology of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” I know a lot of dudes are writing tracks like this, just stringing together a bunch of totally different sections and hoping the song will get mistaken for some kind of brilliant mini-epic. Me, I think it’s lazy songwriting, plus I’m bored, especially since no one section really bangs on its own anyway. Regardless, I was pretty curious to hear the In Flagranti RMX, since the Brooklyn duo has done a few nice electro-goth remixes recently (cf. Kudu’s “Bar Star”; WhoMadeWho’s “Out the Door”) and their own “Bang Bang” is pretty great. Their cut is definitely the winner here: they commit the hook to just one backdrop, a really dark, somewhat funky electro-house beat [which is based on a sample from Macho’s “Not Tonight”], and work in all these other conga sounds, treble-rattlers, and something that sounds like a didgeridoo. Definitely on my “remixers to watch” list.

Diskokaine / DK004
[Nick Sylvester]