September 8, 2006

Charts: September 8 2006

Todd Hutlock
Shinedoe - Seek And You Will Find [100% Pure]
Ican - A Quien [Planet E]
Audion - Mouth to Mouth [Spectral Sound]
Daniel Stefanik - Move Me (Guido Schneider’s Dark Side of the Moon Mix) [Moon Harbour]
Musical Science - Musical Science (Squelch Mix) [Sabres of Paradise]
Two Lone Swordsmen - Felt Under Pressure [Firewire]
Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Afros, Arps, and Minimoogs [Underground Resistance]
Spektrum - May Day (DJ T. Remix) [Spektrum]
Pier Bucci - Junk [Cocoon]
Dominik Eulberg - Der Buchdrucker [Traum Schallplatten]

Mallory O’Donnelll
Daso - Sam N Max [Conaisseur]
Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Mexico Mix) [Get Physical]
Kerrier District - Sho U Rite [Rephlex]
Kelis - Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix) [Virgin]
Arthur Russell - Springfield (DFA Remix) [Audika]
Justin Timberlake - Future Sex / Love Sounds [Jive]
Beyonce - Get Me Bodied (Remix) [Columbia]

Michael F. Gill
Lee Douglas – Same Changes [Rong]
Lindsay J & Sneak Thief – Open The Door (Imatran Voima Remix) [Mighty Robot]
Spice Girls – Holler (Masters At Work Remixes) [Virgin]
P’taah – Staring At The Sun (Atjazz Remix) [Ubiquity]
Demon vs Heartbreaker - You are My High [20000st]
Pete Shelley – Witness The Change (Dub) [Arista]
P. Lightfoot – The Drive [Recycled Records]
Patti Jo – Make me Believe In You [Scepter / Souljazz]
Alden Tyrell feat. Fred Ventura – Love Explosion ‘05 [Clone]
Carlton & The Shoes – Love Me Forever [Trojan]

September 1, 2006

Kerrier District - Kerrier District 2


More of an EP than a full-length, the ever-prolific Luke Vibert returns to his Kerrier District alias for two three-track twelve inches, or all six on the CD. As with the KD debut, disco is the corpse exhumed and delighted in here, and as with that record, Vibert is content to toy with his audience—”Disco Nasty” might be the apex of his benign piss-taking, alternating deliciously crunchy grooves with fucked-up dubbage. As is usually the case, acid informs his moves, so while the source material is discoid in sound, there’s no Prelude / West End formalism to the way he lays down the funk—Vibert would rather mess with your head than sustain a flow, so he scatters delicious segments about with little regard for where they might fall. This either results in success—”Sho U Rite” suspends disco breaks into a kind of jellied noodle-house soup—or falling on his face (”Realistique” sounding like an attempt at evoking Sylvester from someone who’s only just mastered Kano.) But this is nitpicking: Vibert’s progressivism is a virtue to be admired, he may be one of the few interested in investing in future discos rather than disco futures.

Rephlex / CAT 183 R
[Mallory O’Donnell]