November 17, 2006

Charts: November 17 2006

Todd Hutlock
Alex Under - Naran Jamón, jejeje [CMYK Musik]
Villalobos - Fizheuer Zieheuer [Playhouse]
Robert Hood - Still Hear [Music Man]
Unknown Artist - #100 [Wooling]
Konrad Black - Coma Couch Surfing [Items & Things]
The Knife - We Share Our Mother’s Health (Radioslave Remix) [Brille/Mute]
Tres Demented - Demented Drums [Planet E]
Kate Simko - Strumm (Jonas Bering Remix) [Kupei]
Lindstrom - Take Me To The Metro [Capricious]
Gaiser - Neural Block [Minus]

Michael F. Gill
Zwicker – Made Up [Compost Black Label]
Yennek – Without (Acapella Mix) [Substance]
Jeff Mills – The Art of Connecting [Nextera/Axis]
Pieces of a Dream – Warm Weather [Elektra]
The Temptations – Zoom [Motown]
Jorge Santana – Darling I Love You [Underdog Edits]
Bjork – Pagan Poetry (Ripperton Remix) [White]
Jomanda – Got a Love for You (Hurley’s House mix) [Warner / Big Beat]
Todd Edwards – The Journey [i! Records]
Klimek – Music to Fall Asleep [Kompakt]

November 3, 2006

Detalles - Hello Donee EP

Kate Simko and one of the Bucci bros. (not Pier) reunite after a long sit-down with the minimal playbook and bring two new tracks, “Hello Donee” and “Move On,” in advance of their forthcoming full-length. Detalles’ discography consists of a single full-length on Traum, released a few months before Cologne became the epicenter of neu-teuton cool. On “Hello Donee,” the duo makes moves like they’re trying to catch up, even as they’re weighed down by Simko’s welcome melodic sense and down-pillow beats. It’s perfect for a Pier Bucci remix and, a few noogies later, that’s what we get: Pier’s more assured beat-construction lending better troughs for the melody to wallow, writhe, and worm around in. “Move On” is closer to Detalles’ earlier work, giving up stiff-house beats for chunkier concerns that act as poles around which the duo’s sedate melody glides passively. Before you say glorious Sunday drive, though, we get Jonas Bering’s mix—an effort that comes close to the neu-teuton cool espoused by Dettinger back in the day.

Kupei / 12S05
[Todd Burns]

July 28, 2006

Kate Simko - Strumm

Kate Simko finally fulfills on the promise of her purported leanings towards classical minimalism (the Philip Glass kind) with her first 12” for the new American label, Kupei. “Strumm” fits firmly in the mold of MIA with its softened beats and focus on a gently rotating melody. Unai’s remix of the tune makes sure that dancefloors will be sure to hear it during primetime by mutating the bass into the most powerful element and giving the drum a bit more oomph. Jonas Bering dreams in his mix, which isn’t to say it’s bad—just much in the way of anything besides overstimulation. “Machine War,” Simko’s final contribution is a home-listener, with dub, prodding melodies, and grand clouds of cleansing material to wash away its memory (if you can).

Kupei Musika / kupei12S02

[Todd Burns]