June 30, 2006

Sian - Gypsy Life EP

The gypsy and proud of it Spaniard takes his time letting these tracks pop—”Grixle” is two minutes on the same three loops, no heavy snare clicks—but goddamn do they pop when they do. If you’ve seen Mathew Jonson do a live set, it’s the same well-manicured paranoia, small sounds all around but a little reverb on the bassline goes a long way. Not crazy about “R U Aware,” which wants to be Kompakt Pop, but “Zeroid Flight” is fantastic neo-jack music, the progression straight out of Chicago 85 but the round faux-analog sound out of Basteroid’s sound bank. Rhymes with Zeroid, and you wonder why.

Karmarouge / KR 19
[Nick Sylvester]

June 30, 2006

Charts: June 30 2006

Todd Hutlock
Black Dice – Cone Toaster [DFA]
Booka Shade – Pong Pang [Get Physical]
Burial – Pirates [Hyperdub]
Two Lone Swordsmen – Slutloop [Jockey Slut]
Cristian Vogel – Whipaspank [NovaMute]
The Illustrator – Beautiful Boxer [Underground Resistance]
Black Phuture – Unfriendly [Motech]
Ellen Allien – Just a Woman (Audion Version) [Spectral Sound]
Pantytec – Maybe Not [Perlon]
Rhythm & Sound – Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix)” [Burial Mix]

Cameron Octigan
Agoria – La 11čme Marche [PIAS]
Gui Boratto – Like You (Supermayer Remix) [Kompakt]
Crystal Castles – Atlantis to Interzone (Klaxons Remix) [White]
Cio D’or – Lichtblick [Karmarouge]
Taana Gardner – Heartbeat [West End]
Kris Menace – Voyager [Compuphonic]
Métrika – Ichi [Crosstown Rebels]
Treacherous Three – Feel the Heartbeat [Enjoy]
Sven Väth & Anthony Rother – Springlove (Original) [Datapunk]
Claude Von Stroke – Seven Deadly Strokes (Patrick Chardronnet Remix) [Neuton]

Michael F. Gill
TBA Empty – Stupid Rotation [Max Ernst]
Adam Beyer – Selma’s Dream [Cocoon]
Matt John – IO [Underline]
Alex Smoke – Never Want to See You Again (Ada Remix) [Soma]
Five Deez – Black Rushmore (Force Of Nature Remix) [Rapster]
Cream De Coco – Disco Strut [Free Spirit]
TJ Swann – And You Know That [Express]
Steve Angello – Tracks [Konvex Konkav]
Jody Watley – I Love to Love [MAW]
Soulphiction – Masai Mara [Philpot]

June 2, 2006

Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie Remixes

Outstanding! Eager to redeem themselves after their tepid remix of “I Feel Space,” Freeform Five weigh in with a hardcore mover in the classic vein of their earliest reworks. The focus here is on booty-grinding action, loved up with a touch of the electro-gone-jazz craziness that remains a F5 hallmark. It’s damn near impossible to resist—tech-house breakdowns and fist-pumping flourishes abound, to the delight of those with a fixation on being the next champion ass-shaker. The Dominik Eulberg remix is nothing short of a revelation for those of us still skeptical about the talents of this highly-touted artist—bringing all his heady touches to the fore while still making the flesh flap on the dancefloor. One of the most outstanding releases of the season, this is a double-sider that deserves to be right at the top of your shopping list next time you hit the vinyl bins.

Karmarouge / KR 18
[Mallory O’Donnell]