April 28, 2005

Yasushi Miura - Instant Construction Series No. 36-38: Fine Motion, Bulk of Cosmic, Medical

Ever since Dat Politics went to shit after “Sous Hit,” their masterpiece of discordant 8-bit seizure techno, I’ve been looking for someone to follow their lead and combine the speedy mentalism of gabba and rave with the campy fun of video game music. I’ve found a new hope in mysterious and prolific Japanese producer Yasushi Miura, who has amazingly self-released 38 EPs of hyperactive tinny techno in the past two years. Based upon the latest three installments in the series, Miura’s quality control is similar to the prolificnature of The Fall, Guided By Voices, and Stereolab, where consistency is favored over stylistic diversity. Miura alternates amelodic four-on-the-floor bangers (average speed: 140 BPM) with spastic, pitched up drum’n'bass that recall a person actually living in the sped-up world from Koyaanisqatsi. Occasionally, he applies some reverb and drones to his squealing melodies, revealing a bizarre, alienating form of frantic tech-dub. While repeated listens may cause convulsions, you have to hand it to Miura; he is never anything less then attention-diverting and highly disconcerting.

kp / karidome
[Michael F. Gill]