December 22, 2006

2006 Year In Review: Individual Writer Lists

As a companion piece to our 2006 year in review, here are the individual lists/charts from each of our contributors. Happy reading…


November 17, 2006

Roxy Music - Remixes 01

Imagine my excitement when I first heard about my beloved Roxy Music being
remixed by the likes of Tiefschwarz, Lindstrom/Prins Thomas, the DFA, Kaos, and The Glimmers! Now imagine I’m listening to not one, but two takes on the insipid “Angel Eyes.” What, couldn’t get their hot little hands on any of Ferry’s Dylan covers? Of course, this is only the first round, but if their best foot is being put forward first, expect the whole project to end ass-up in the gutter. The re-edit is fine from a technical standpoint, but the source material is… still “Angel Eyes.” Kaos does his best to push the song towards the disco floor, highlighting the diva vocals over Ferry’s, but it’s in the name of a lost cause. Far superior is the second 12″, which takes in Tiefschwarz burying “Rain Rain Rain” in their backyard and then unearthing it covered in rust and old bits of tinsel. Far more minimal and elegant than most of their recent outings, it bodes better for the future of Tiefschwarz’ catalog than the past of Roxy’s. Last and best is M.A.N.D.Y. and Booka Shade’s team tackle of “The Thrill of It All,” which sounds rather like one of their tracks with bits of the original filtered in the background. An inauspicious start. More details on the Roxy Remix project can be found here.

Virgin / UK VJSTDJ 1919
[Mallory ODonnell]

November 3, 2006

The Glimmers - Time 4 Action Remixes


It’s like I only review releases of mid-tempo or nu-disco around here. Anything with a thick semi-driven bassline, lots of reverb, and the occasional guitar flangeat the very least I’ll listen to it all the way through, forgive bad melodies for good texture, etc. This one tries my patience, though. It’s not Padded Cell’s fault, but that slight chromatic riff they keep from the original really blows, a shame because everything around it is aces, especially the new drum sounds, all programmed with different piston-like pneumatic qualities, like it’s this massive space-disco super-engine. There’s even one towards the end that sounds like a blowdryer; that’s a new one. The flipside is the CJ Bolland/Glimmers remix; sounds like a dubbier disco edit of the Brennan Green “Cerebral Tremolo” remix for Kaos, which is more interesting rhythmically and goes better places.

Diskimo / DISKO 6001
[Nick Sylvester]

August 11, 2006

Kaos - Cerebral Tremolo


Some critics accused Berlins DJ Kaos of being a trendy hack that merely regurgitated the hippest and most lucrative retro disco sounds of 2004 into his debut album, Hello Stranger. And, yes, his 13-minute, space-disco jaunt Cerebal Tremolo may resemble a lost LCD Soundsystem b-side, but I doubt anybody would care less after the booze flows and theyre surrounded by fifty horny people crammed into a bedroom. The full-length single delivers a lot of what youd expect: a cigarette-stained bassline, star shower synths, DFA-issued cowbells, a stumbling wah-wah guitar, and vocals that serenade while face-first into a pillow. A re-edit by Brennan Green and Salvatore Principato (from NYCs immortal psych-funk unit Liquid Liquid) thankfully cuts Cerebrals excess in half, making the song punchier and livelier. Khans remix is a rather generic acid-techno number that stamps to a thudding electro-beat, spell-casting synth bloops, and Khans own sexless huffing.

Rong / RONG 014
[Cameron Macdonald]

January 27, 2005

In the Mix: Michael F. Gill - “Romance Drones”

The inspirations for this mix were the recent singles Cosmic Sandwich and Odyssey by Steve Barnes, which showcase a new and interesting tangent on the basic micro/electro-house template. It was an epic, sprawling sound that combined the romantic melancholy of Michael Mayers Immer with a heavy psychedelic bent that engulfs you through a series of visceral repetition, trippy vocals, and wandering stratospheric synths. Ive picked tracks here that complement this sound, and sequenced them in such a fashion that the music becomes more open and extroverted as time passes. Hence, things begin with the misty noir-ish glimmers of Anders ilar, move through the brisk druggy bliss of Ewan Pearsons Closer Musik remix, and end up with some Italo/Metro Area influenced tracks by Jersey Devil Social Club and Justus Kohncke. This being the internet and not the club, Ive taken the time to do some re-edits of the tracks in order to emphasize the themes of the mix. I hope you enjoy it.

01. Anders ilar - Treasure Gardens (Echocord)
02. Lucien-N-Luciano - Lilou Swan (Klang Elektronik)
03. Lawrence - Live At 37 (Dial)
04. M.I.A. - Ballad II (Substatic)
05. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink [James Holden Remix] (Border Community)
06. John Foxx - Mr. No (New Religion)
07. Steve Barnes & Riley Reinhold - Odyssey (My Best Friend Limited)
08. Closer Musik - One Two Three (No Gravity) [Ewan Pearson Mix] (Out of the Loop)
09. Steve Barnes & Riley Reinhold - Memories (My Best Friend Limited)
10. Steve Barnes - Cosmic Sandwich [Extended Version] (My Best Friend Limited)
11. Geiger - Standing In A Line (Firm)
12. Kaos featuring Captain Comatose - Bang The Box (K7)
13.George Thomson - Laid Back Snack Attack [Ellen Allien Via Mix] (Crosstown Rebels)
14. Jersey Devil Social Club Magnifique [Health Club Dub] (Environ)
15. Justus Kohncke - Elan (Kompakt)
16. Annie - Heartbeat [Alan Braxe Remix] (679)