February 24, 2006

Charts: February 24 2006

Guest Chart
Alex Smoke, Soma

01. Sleepless Crew - Spell House
02. Murmur - Section EP
03. Automat - Preludes
04. Tangible - Game Over
05. The Policy Unit - Arp Egg
06. Sixtoo - Songs From “Next: A Primer On Urban Painting”
07. Claro Intelecto - Warehouse Sessions Vol.1
08. Poke - Poker 11:34
09. Villalobos - Achso
10. Break 3000 - Light

Mallory O’Donnell
Codebreaker - Caller
Colder - To the Music (Engel Remix)
Chromeo - Needy Girl (Phillipe Zdar Dub)
Telex - On the Road Again (Marco Passarani Remix)
The Knife - Silent Shout (Williams Acidic Cicuits Remix)
Francisco - Venti Venti
Shit Robot - Triumph
Alex Smoke - Meany
Prince - Black Sweat
Ellen Allien & Apparat - Leave Me Alone
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl (Feel PM)
Kid Frost - La Raza

Todd Hutlock
0733 - Record Bass Story
Jeff Samuel - Endpoint
New Order - Fine Time (Silk Mix)
Villalobos - For Disco Only 2
Jeff Mills - Circus (reworked)
Underground Resistance - Ma Ya Ya
Berg Nixon - Box Escape EP
Osborne - Daylight (Isolee Rmx)
LNR - Work It To The Bone
Pier Bucci - Familia

Michael F. Gill
[a]pendics Shuffle – Dirty Bed
Kirk Degiorgio - EP4
Dominik Eulberg - Blueten Sind Dem Grossen Schillerfalter Fremd
Serafin – Starship Discotheque
Kerri Chandler - Sunshine & Twilight
Wookie – Battle
Mark E – Scared
Tod Foster – Dancin’
The Glass Family – Crazy
Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr – Shine On Silver Moon

February 10, 2006

Jeff Samuel - Bork

It’s tempting to use adjectives like “upbeat” or phrases like “music for happy people” to describe Jeff Samuel’s new single “Bork.” But that’s just half of the story—Samuel’s taken a couple months off, come back to his home label Trapez and sounds like he’s added a swab of Technicolor to his bag of tricks. While “Bork” sounds like it takes off from one of his lost b-sides “Blink” and thoroughly notches up the production quality, the song also takes chances that pay off, like when “Bork” completely cuts out mid-song to introduce a bassline that checks both guts and speakers. The B-side “Gonadotropin” also hits the dance floor running, with a solid selection of bleeps, strings, and processed hand-claps to round out the single.

Trapez / 059
[Nate De Young]

December 22, 2005

2005: The Year In Review

A look into the year that was in electronic musics…

Top 10 Albums

Matthew Herbert – Plat du Jour
Audion – Suckfish
Vitalic – OK Cowboy
Ark – Caliente
Dandy Jack & Junction SM – Los Siete Castigos
Marc Leclair – Musique Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes
Pier Bucci – Familia
Who Made Who – Who Made Who
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas – Lindstrom & Prins Thomas
Alex Smoke – Incommunicado

This young Glaswegian producer’s debut came on like a shock: marrying a heady combination of electro, old school techno, minimal, and an innate pop sense. A collection of tracks that were just as liable to make you stop dancing in wonder, as it was to get you on the floor…

Top 10 Singles

Booka Shade – Mandarine Girl
Spare Time - Lazy
Luciano – Bomberos
Donato Dozzy & Exercise One - Skarciofen
Common Factor – That Was Then
Unai – Oh You and I
Royskpp feat. Karin Dreijer – What Else Is There?
Daso – Daybreak
Patrice Baumel – Mutant Pop
Stefan Goldmann – Blood

After previously appearing on the smaller Classic and Ovum labels, Goldmann steps up to the plate for Perlon’s 51st release—three enormous monster tracks of clicks and bass that start out with the most modest of intentions…

Top 5 DJ Mixes

Dominik Eulberg – Kreucht and Fluecht
Ewan Pearson – Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi, Vol 1
Annie – DJ Kicks
DJ Clever – Breakbeat Science 5
DJ Naughty – One Naughty Night in Berlin

Showcasing the vocal-end of electro-house, while throwing in classic disco and Italo to boot, DJ Naughty further pushed the dirty disco sound to its limits on this mix from the Eskimo label…

Top 5 Producers

Jesse Somfay
LCD Soundsystem
Putsch 79
Nathan Fake

Finding himself on seemingly every single DJ mix released this year, Fake had a massive year on the residual effects of the classic “The Sky Was Pink,” Traum’s 2005 crown jewel, “Dinamo,” and the white label of “Silent Night”…

Top 5 Remixers

Ricardo Villalobos
Abe Duque
Switch / YES Productions
Robag Wruhme
Stuart Price

Almost made the Killers listenable. No mean feat.

Top 5 Labels

Get Physical

Located strategically across the road from Kompakt HQ, the Traum family had its best year yet with strong entries from known quantities (Steve Barnes, Dominik Eulberg, Jeff Samuel) and a whole host of new producers (Alex Under, Jesse Somfay, Noze, Patrice Baumel)…

Top 5 Reissues

Keith Hudson – The Hudson Affair: Keith Hudson and Friends
DJ Shadow – Endtroducing
Luomo – Vocalcity
Prince Douglas – Dub Roots
AFX – Hangable Auto Bulb

Richard D. James’ formerly ultra-rare drill ‘n bass template sounds as fresh as ever, showing why betting on jungle in 1995 was the best decision he ever made…

Top 5 Compilations

Cybotron – Motor City Machine Music
V/A – Spectral Sound, Vol. 1
Senor Coconut – Coconut FM
Robag Wruhme & Wighnomy Brothers – Remikks Potpourri
Greg Wilson – Credit to the Edit

The first time that this dance music pioneer’s work has been collected. If you were going to clubs in the 1980s, Greg Wilson was your soundtrack—extending and tightening the tracks that you liked and turning them into the epics that you loved…

Words: Todd Burns
Voting Contributors: Todd Burns, Nate Deyoung, Michael F. Gill, Cameron Macdonald, Derek Miller, Mike Powell, Will Simmons

August 18, 2005

Daso - Daybreak

The best track from Triple R’s recent mix MBF Flashback finally saw release a few weeks ago, and it’s predictably fantastic. Those of you who don’t know “Daybreak”: imagine the Kraftwerk’s “Expo 2000” done by Jeff Samuel, with the vocals replaced by a vocoderized “Waiting for daybreak.” It may not sound awesome, but it most assuredly is. The other track found here, “T Anders” is has similar big-room sounding drums mixed with slowly revolving door basslines and tactile gauzy synths. This time the vocoder seems to be whispering at times, though, giving the vocal an almost frightening character, like Superpitcher as child molestor. Which, when I think about it, doesn’t sound that bad (musically, natch).

My Best Friend / MBF 12014
[Todd Burns]

July 7, 2005

Jeremy P. Caulfield - Scar City / Detached [05]

Scar City, coupled, with Caulfield’s Calvacade EP from late last year signals a run of great productions from this Canadian producer. The feel here is much the same. Deeply tech-y house music, pierced by glistening shards of broken-glass melody. Obviously and lovingly structured, you know exactly what you’re going to get when you pop on both “Flipper Kicker” and “Wreckroom,” the former being the sharper-edged of the duo. Recommended.

Also recommended is Caulfield’s recent mix CD: Detached [05], which sees the producer taking to the decks and crafting an incredibly smooth ride between the Wighnomy Brothers, Alex Smoke, Rocco Branco, Jeff Samuel, Metope, and assorted other artists. Impeccably mixed, the disc is a nice mix between young and old minimal music.

Dumb Unit / DU 022 / DU 020
[Todd Burns]

May 5, 2005

Patrice Baumel - Mutant Pop

Traum Schallplatten has been taking care of business recently, with stellar releases on nearly each of their dizzying array of sub-labels. This is the Trapez platter worth it, if just to mix straight from Jeff Samuel’s “Endpoint,” much like Triple R did, to great effect on his recent visit to the States. “Mutant Pop,” said mixing tool, starts slow, eventually building up a bank of moans and softened yelps that leads straight into the restrained rolling synth line that carries the song along its merry way. “Shower of Ice” uses nearly the same beat, clipped vocal samples, and one of those bulbous emotional basslines that gets you near tears on the dancefloor if employed judiciously. Recommended.

Trapez / Trapez 050
[Todd Burns]

April 28, 2005

Jeff Samuel - Endpoint


Let’s get straight to the point: Jeff Samuel gets straight to the emotional point with “Endpoint.” A rotating rhythmic sample and a bass drum are merely pedestrians amid the stunningly simple and stunningly evocative melody that unfolds throughout. It’s destined to be a low-key classic. Probably not so for the B-side, but given the right context it’ll hit you just as hard. “Forinsee” has that stuttering affect that producers are putting to great use these days and, once again, it mixes well with Samuel’s keen sense of melody. This 12” is easily one of Trapez’s best for melodic tech-house lovers.

Trapez Ltd / Trapez LTD 031
[Todd Burns]