July 28, 2006

Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert - Moog Acid


Never mind those voyages to the planets of rainbows and winged amazons that countless prog-bands heard from their Moog synthesizers. It is an instrument of dork camp, and synth-pop icon Jean Jacques Perrey will back me up on that. Perrey and IDM maven Luke Vibert previously made excellent comrades in “You Moog Me,” where their vintage ‘60s lounge-pop vacationed under a Martian sky lit with star showers and criss-crossing flying saucers. Their new excursions in acid techno sadly lacks some of the same spark. “Moog Acid 138″ is a decent, acid-techno treatment of carousel melodies that get overwhelmed by a blaring traffic jam of irritating synth yowls. The snappier “Moog Acid 133″ gets larded by too many abrupt synth wonks, garbled vocoder mutterings, and erratic turntable scratching. The remix by Jackson and His Computer Band thankfully gets the blood flowing: he slaps together an erratic, noisecore-meets-Billy Joel’s “Pressure” groove. Plastician’s remix strips everything down to a steady rhythm that slaps both cheeks of the face, while traces of the original Moog track buzzes like a mosquito caught in the ear. Now that’s a fitting tribute to the legend of Perrey.

LoEB / LOEB 001

[Cameron Macdonald]