April 10, 2006

Fairmont - Gazebo Remixes

Canadian producer Jake Fairley’s Fairmont project was always a tight fit on Border Community. It is, after all, a label with an obvious strong trance and progressive house influence running through each of its releases. However, with a re-release on Electrochoc, “Gazebo” returns with a simple re-edit titled “Gazebo (Remix),” and like the name it fails to impress. Essentially it’s a rearrangement with the main melodies held out in certain places and shortened in others. Darker than simple tech-house, Lifelike/Inner City remixer Sebastian Léger’s recontextualization of Fairmont’s original melodies, within his own added production, lends a different overall feel to the track, emphasizing the tension within the brilliant original. Although there is still a good deal of down time in the track, it is a much friendlier version for dancers. Though not on Border Community, this could easily find a home there. And like all of BC’s projects, this is absolutely worth owning.

Electrochoc / 009
[Cameron Octigan]

July 7, 2005

Jake Fairley - Animal Love

For those who pay attention to things like ratings on reviews (I don’t, which could explain the ranting in comments boxes sometimes), the mark given to Jake Fairley’s recent album might seem a little low, considering the words bestowed upon it. Sometimes praise is faint. While I admire Fairley’s work, it’s simply not usually for me. Things don’t really change much with Animal Love. Huge and gritty analog basses rule the day, amid crunchy drum patterns drawn from the diagram that most electro hews closely to. I’m more than willing to admit that it’s a “me” thing (cf. this review) preventing enjoyment here, but this plods way too much for me to ever get with, although that breakdown in “Raccoondog” is getting close to something I can appreciate and love at the same time.

Dumb Unit / DU 019
[Todd Burns]