March 25, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 12

DJ Koze vs. Sid le Rock - Naked (Cereal/Killers)

Peter Chambers: “Both Sid (Pan/Tone) le Rock and DJ (Adolf Noise) Koze take a ‘one eyebrow and a brimming glass raised’ approach to production—if their methods of mayhem intersect, it’s at a point where irreverence meets festivity to do the wild thang on your mixer.”

Misstress Barbara – Barcelona (Border Community)

Motiivi:Tuntematon - Speicher 46 (Kompakt Extra)

Jacopo Carreras - Olanto (Lan Muzic)

Move D - Anne Will (Remixes) (Liebe Detail Spezial)

Tomboy - Serios DJ Album Sampler (Gomma)

Rhythm Plate - Music From Our Souls EP (Winding Road Records)

Mallory O’Donnell: “…those wanting a taste of classic, warm and spacious house would do well to check this EP out.”

Sideshow - Philly Soundworks (Aus Music)

Live coverage of the 2007 Winter Music Conference in Miami: Day One, Night One, Day Two, Night Two.

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March 21, 2007

Jacopo Carreras - Olanto

The Lee Jones remix was the one I heard first, late January actually, a steady round thwop with a mess of skittering synth rhythms on top. Like some of my favorite no-wave disco, the bass & drum grooves were so locked and hard, it doesn’t really matter what the hell is happening over them, much like how only the most truly beautiful people can wear those high-waisted jeans and not look like herbs. The Italy-born Carreras’s original, which I just heard, is way better though. Reverb-treated synths in competing octaves refuse to acknowledge each other, bouncing around for two cockteasing minutes before the beat drops and they’re forced to give up the charade. With more time the synths grow more acidic and streak both fatter and longer across the pan, which might bum out the Chem Bros haters, but my guess is not for long.

Lan Muzic / LAN 008
[Nick Sylvester]