December 8, 2006

Audision / IVF - Vanish / Celine


A high-school friend of mine once quipped, without intended hyperbole: “Did you know Shellac is a hobby band? Imagine: if they went full-time, the music would be so good, it would kill you.” Without forcing a comparison few artists could withstand, Audision have always occupied a similar space in my soundmap—there’s something so wonderful about their music, and years after other releases have begun to sound stale, tracks like “Gamma Limit” and “First Contact” have slowly found a permanent space in my box. How is it that these guys aren’t famous? Well, maybe it’s that, like Shellac, Audision also seem to be a hobby of sorts, with their releases trickling out without fanfare at the rate of one a year or so. Having explained all that, it has to be said that this isn’t exactly an Audision record, but a remix of their “Vanish” by Sascha Funke and another piece by the unknown (to me at least) IVF. Funke’s remix of Audision begins like a new school take on the old, not unlike some of Prosumer’s recent tracks for Mobilee or 240 volts, but then the synth melody calls the tune, humming a delayed melancholy through metallic filters, you can almost hear the sound of the original’s heavy mood evaporating into a dark lightness. IVF’s contribution follows in the same blue vein, tapping some of Pantha du Prince’s recent material on the (cold) shoulder. If you’re a fan of Hanseatic gloom & the depths of minimal deepness, this is another wonderful EP from the slowest working masters of the mood.

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[Peter Chambers]