April 7, 2005

Cobblestone Jazz - The Live EP


You couldnít go anywhere a few years ago without hearing the name Matthew Jonson tipped as an amazing new artist to watch out for. Starting in mid-2004, now you canít go anywhere without hearing his name on a new release. Sub Static, M_nus, itiswhatitis, Kompakt. Does this boy sleep? Oh, right, and there is this three-piece group dedicated to the jazzier end of Jonsonís work, which is due for a full-length by the end of the year. Judging by this ridiculous slab, itís going to be a burner. Those familiar with Jonson have to be getting slightly tired of his schtick by now, but Cobblestone breaks the mold by grafting tuff beats on top of a relatively straight-forward melody. The B-side is even moer jazzy, forsaking the house tempos of the flip, for a nice 100bpm crawl replete with saxophone and effects-laden synthesizer. Keep an eye out for this one.

Itiswhatitis / IIWII011
[Todd Burns]

February 17, 2005

Mathew Jonson - Followed By Angels

Always soft and better off for it is Mathew Jonson. After what seemed like an unfair hiatus after some brilliant debut productions, Jonson has released enough 12Ēís in the past few months to hopefully pay for some new gear. Thatís right, the sound is much the same, but despite the snarkiness, I canít help but think that this sound (especially in 12Ē form) will never really get old. Thatís because Jonson has a unique ear for the way that melodies interlock and an obvious penchant for terrycloth house beats. Two things that make me very happy, apparently.

Itiswhatitis / IIWII010
[Todd Burns]