May 5, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 18

Phobia - Phobia (DJ Hell / Silence Mix) (International Deejay Gigolos)
Genre: Techno, Electro-House

Michael F. Gill: DJ Hell just seems to fill in the blanks in making it sound contemporary, basically giving it a sleeker drum kit and some reserved acid lines; the source material does the rest of the heavy lifting effortlessly.

Junior Boys - Dead Horse EP (Domino)
Genre: Indie-Dance, Techno

Unit Black Flight - Where Is Carlos (Strange Life)
Genre: Neo-Disco, Italo

Andres Bucci - Chocopanda EP (Kupei Musika)
Genre: Minimal/Tech

Todd Hutlock: Andres may not be the most famous of the three Chilean Bucci brothers—that distinction would go to his brother Pier—but as his debut solo release proves, he might just be the funkiest.

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork Remixes (Turbo)
Genre: Indie-Dance, Electro-House

Moodymann - technologystolemyvinyle (KDJ)
Genre: Detroit, House

Peter Chambers: The irony might be that this is worth downloading, but not buying.

Daso - Absinthe EP (Connaisseur Recordings)
Genre: Electro-House, Minimal/Deep

In Flagranti - Intergalactic Bubblegum (Codek)
Genre: Indie-Dance

Weekly Staff Charts
Beatzcast #31: Crambe Repetita

Nick Sylvester’s review of Kathy Diamond’s Miss Diamond To You

May 3, 2007

In Flagranti - Intergalactic Bubblegum

I once read an interview where one of the In Flagranti dudes said he spends literally as much time as possible rooting through old junk at flea markets, thrift stores, and the like. It shows in all the ancient porn they use for their sleeves, and the vintage disco samples that so many of their singles are based around. Vocalist G. Rizo teams back up with the duo for “Intergalactic Bubblegum,” and she channels ESG ca. 3000 for her elastic, sci-fi raps. Based around Amii Stewart’s “Knock On Wood,” the sticky-sweet, bass-infused beat shuffles hard, with phasers at full blast. Chunks of broken robotic drums plunge from the sky, while ascending oscillations of synth carry her into orbit like a Cylon hooker on a mission to fuck.

The remaining two tracks carry the astronautical theme but aren’t quite as successful, seemingly directed more towards the bulky robots from ‘50s b-movies than the sexy, sleek replicants of the future. “EFX 10-11″ is an icy-cool raver whose bleeps, bloops, and hand-claps groove is too affected by its many starts and stops to really gain momentum. It also has what sounds like samples from an old-school instructional record, which I have a very low tolerance for after years of abuse by inferior DJs and producers. B-side “Bipolar” is a rather unremarkable exercise in Kraftwerk-styled italo synth grooves, and while it carries on for seven minutes, it leaves as smoothly and airily as it arrives. Stick to the title track (pun intended) and let’s hope In Flagranti have some more grooves and better b-sides planned for the year.

Codek / CRE 012
[Peter Lansky]

April 25, 2007

Black Devil Disco Club - Black Sunshine


Black Devil Disco Club, an ancient French one-off project that many thought was a prank played on eager dance completists, resurfaced after many moons with an album in 2006, and now this set of variant takes. Discogs and iTunes seem somewhat at odds as to whether these are remixes or collaborations, but the former feels likeliest. Quiet Village (Matt E. of Rekid and Joel Martin) present the amazingly-titled “I Regret the Flower Power” as an ambient-trance chiller, all about the floss and shimmer. It’s a bit epic and a bit minimal at the same time, if that makes any sense. It doesn’t, so we use it to set the mood while people start filing in and move on to “The Devil in Us” (remixed by Elitechnique), which brings the old acid-laced Italo-cheese fondue to a rapid bubble. Bring a fork, as it’s mighty delicious, a bit like something Kano might have come up with if they’d been produced by Bobby “O.” Last up, “Coach Me” pairs BDDC quite naturally with neo-italicists In Flagranti, for an orthodox performance that could easily have been stuck on the original album release in between “We Never Fly Away Again” and “Follow Me.” A bit lopsided to be sure, but still desirable to Italobscurophiles who’ve turned the original release into a “19 members have this, 127 members want this” type of rarity.

LoEB / LoEB 003
[Mallory O’Donnell]

February 2, 2007

Beatzcast #17



01: Roxy Music - Same Old Scene (Glimmers Remix)
02: In Flagranti - Just Gazing
03: Escort – Bright New Life
04: Diskokaines – Rock-A-Boogie (In Flagranti Mix)
05: Heib - Acid Pimp
06: Gui Boratto – Mr. Decay
07: The Field - Everyday
08: Elektrochemie – Mucky Star
09: Remo feat. Chelonis R. Jones – Empire (Spektre Remix)

December 1, 2006

The Diskokaines - Rock-A-Boogie


The original is all over the place—everywhere from big apple rappin’ to electro to Chicago house to hard techno—and in the process wastes a pretty-OK vocal hook, which at one point bites the phraseology of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” I know a lot of dudes are writing tracks like this, just stringing together a bunch of totally different sections and hoping the song will get mistaken for some kind of brilliant mini-epic. Me, I think it’s lazy songwriting, plus I’m bored, especially since no one section really bangs on its own anyway. Regardless, I was pretty curious to hear the In Flagranti RMX, since the Brooklyn duo has done a few nice electro-goth remixes recently (cf. Kudu’s “Bar Star”; WhoMadeWho’s “Out the Door”) and their own “Bang Bang” is pretty great. Their cut is definitely the winner here: they commit the hook to just one backdrop, a really dark, somewhat funky electro-house beat [which is based on a sample from Macho’s “Not Tonight”], and work in all these other conga sounds, treble-rattlers, and something that sounds like a didgeridoo. Definitely on my “remixers to watch” list.

Diskokaine / DK004
[Nick Sylvester]

December 1, 2006

Beatzcast #12



01: Future Forward – Time for Livin’ (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
02: The Diskokaines – Rock-A-Boogie (In Flagranti Mix)
03: Jamiroquai – Runaway
04: Echo Club – Senor Pasajero
05: Justus Koehncke – Faults‘n‘FX
06: Melon – Spring
07: Oliver Koletzki – Follow Up
08: Ost & Kjex – How Not to Be a Biscuit

May 5, 2006

Beatzcast #1



01: In Flagranti - Genital Blue Room
02: 3 Channels - Amnesia
03: Thomas Schumacher – Red Purple
04: Donato Dozzy & Say DJ - Tutto Negativo
05: Margot Meets the Melody Maker - Torch
06: Royksopp - Beautiful Day Without You (Wighnomy And Robag Whruhmes Spekkfakkel Remikks)
07: Trick & Kubic - Easy (Niekisch & Hermann Mix)
08: Soylent Green - Jet Set
09: Ziggy Kinder - Genussmaterial

May 5, 2006

Charts: May 5 2006

Mallory O’Donnell
Sten - Third Season
Todosantos - Bahia
Shit Robot - Triumph
Telex - How Do You Dance (Tomboy Remix)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - En Dag I Mai
Trussel - Love Injection
Stephanie Mills - You Can Get Over
Ashford & Simpson - Street Corner

Ronan Fitzgerald
Steadycam - Knock-Kneed
Anja Schneider - Lily of the Valley
Tabula Rasa - Argon
Dada Life - Bigtime (Linus Loves Mix)
Eyerer and Chopstick - Electric (Williams Mix)
Booka Shade - Movements
I-Robots - Spacer Frau (Boys Noize Mix)
Dash Dude - Revenge of the Nerd (Argy Mix)
M.A.N.D.Y.- Jah (Jona Mix)
Tiga - Essential Mix (Radio 1)

Cameron Octigan
Clashing Egos – Aminjig Nebere (I Trust You) (Joakim’s Afrobot mix)
Daft Punk – Burnin’
Double Vision – Clock on the Wall
First Choice – Double Cross
In Flagranti – Genital Blue Room
Luomo – What Good
Matt John – Joker Family Park Two
Plastikman – Spastik
The Rice Twins – For Penny and Alexis
Skyy – Let’s Turn It Out

Todd Hutlock
Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches (Too Many Bitches Makeover)
69 - Pungtang (Original)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Glide-By Shooting
808 State - Pacific 313
Adam Kroll - Squonk
James Cotton - T-Y-O-C Painkillers (2 AM/FM Remix)
Matt John - Joker Family Park Two
Espiritu - Conquistador (Sabres of Paradise No. 3 Mix)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Inglan Is a Bitch
Rhythm & Sound - Free for All (Soundstream Remix)

Michael F. Gill
Various Artists - Studio One Soul
Yello - Forward Pussy Cat
Sunbelt - Spin It
Lime - You’re My Magician
Extras - Haven’t Been Funked Enough (Instrumental)
Sly Mongoose - Snakes & Ladder (Rub N Tug Mix)
Avril - French Kiss
Petter - All Together
Paul Nazca – Verdure
Terrence Dixon – Detroit City Lights

April 24, 2006

In Flagranti – Genital Blue Room

Maybe I’m just a lover of B-sides, but this three-track EP is another release that only comes near to catching fire on the flipside. “Genital Blue Room,” which gets knocked for the awful title alone, sounds like a castoff Felix b-side from three years ago, and the second number, “Subvariety,” is nothing more than an annoying drums-and-bass loop that recalls the lamest thirty seconds of a genero-house single bunched into three minutes of pure displeasure. “Uncanny Hinting,” on the other hand, has a querulous name and an undeniable groove—chopped-up disco breaks whacked together with military precision, served hot to order. Unfortunately, like its two predecessors, it does almost nothing over the course of six minutes and you spend your time scratching your head, knowing you’ve heard the various songs it samples / rips off, but unable to work up a groove strong enough to remember exactly what they are.

Codek / 010
[Mallory O’Donnell]

September 15, 2005

In Flagranti feat. G Rizo - Bang Bang

If all this is leading up to a debut full-length, then color me psyched. When we last caught up with In Flagranti, “Melodymaker” was in high rotation and “Striking Ejaculation” was acting as a great song title/disappointing song. This time around, the boys get down to business and create something that you might like if you’re into the hot and heavy disco of the 70s, while the B-side has Halt Maul’s mix, a version that would make Jason Forrest wet his pants. The capper is the Italo-tinged version-or as Codek lets us know: a great soundtrack for a haircut video. Recommended.

Codek / CRE007
[Todd Burns]

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