October 13, 2006

Holger Zilske Meets Dave Dk - Rainshower EP

Is this really Playhouse? I mention this only because Holger Zilke (Smash TV) and Dave DK’s EP here is either a welcome anomaly or an indicator of a new direction. Straddling headfuck electro-mnml and hypnotic (nobody say trance) tech-house, “Midishower” beckons you into the happy imagination of a field full of mashed, smiley dancers. It bounces off its face all over the place, pausing for a moment to bug out before banging the ecstatic sunshine back into you, one wave at a time. In fact, it’s such a grand and blessed-out eight minutes that it’s worth the overbearing euphoria of B-side “Mono Rain.” If it’s summer you want, this EP is the raygun.

Playhouse / PLAY128
[Peter Chambers]