April 21, 2005

Heiko Voss - Call Me Killer

Apparently if Moby were German, all would be forgiven because many of the tracks are just as simplistic and naïve as the ones that found their way onto Hotel (“I’d like to be close to you / I’d love to be close to you / Ohhhh I’m sticking with you / Like glue” being the entirety of “Like Glue”). But unlike Moby’s productions, Voss has a few things in his favor: a) a decent voice, b) a tendency towards less “emotional” synth melodic motifs (the sonic tendrils in “Killer” sound more Junior Boys than anything else) , c) a tendency to switch up genres at will (“Sitting in my Song” could easily have found its way on Midnite Vultures and “Fade Out” is David Bowie unadorned), and d) is doing it on 12”, exactly what Hotel should have been.

Firm / FIRM 12
[Todd Burns]