June 24, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 25

Chymera - Satura / Arabesque (Tishomingo)
Genre: Progressive/Trance, Minimal/Deep

Nina Phillips: How else to revel in the neo-prog essentials? Deep Connaisseur chords and a lithe melody line cutting over top, natch.

Baldelli / Dionogi - Cosmicdiba 2007 (Gomma)
Genre: Neo-Disco, New Wave/Synth

Dopplereffekt / Los Angeles TF / Mike Dunn - Gesamtkunstwerk / Magical Body / So Let It Be House (Clone Classic Cuts)
Genre: Chicago, Electro, Italo

From The Archives #2

Skatebard - Marimba (Supersoul Recordings)
Genre: Neo-Disco, Minimal/Deep

Nick Sylvester: Something like “Feed The Mood” after two decades of looped disintegration, or really any children’s toy on its last five or six seconds of battery life, “Marimba” pines for early Detroit through a fog of tired synths and last-legged drum machine clatter, and yes there are marimbas.

Cassy / A Guy Called Gerald - Somelightuntothenight / Bodecka (Beatstreet Berlin)
Genre: House

Peter Chambers: The whole EP here is old-school, or the classic house sound – just the basics, no faffing around. These tracks don’t have to unfold, they’re already laid out.


Stylus editor Todd Burns talked to Jones about his upcoming album Chatterton, the cover art to Dislocated Genius, and what’s it like to be the “Franz Kafka of electro-pop”…

Beatzcast #38: Crambe Repetita

Weekly Staff Charts

June 19, 2007

Baldelli / Dionogi - Cosmicdiba 2007

Long-serving Italian cosmic disco survivor Daniele Baldelli re-emerges with a perfectly apt partner in the Gomma crew. And while he might be an old-school warrior, don’t expect a crusty retro showcase here. Opener “Dark Flies” is pounding case-in-point, a two-fisted electro-house stomp that edges into aggro, especially in the brief, husky vocals and pummeling drum breaks. The touches of kosmische – cascades of noodly synth-frizz and an overall rocket-liftoff vibe - do little to detract from the meaty thumping at work. “Funkfibrilla” mixes up tempos and ropes in chunky robo-bass to pilot a smoldering course between post-Kraftwerk Teutonia and iridescent filter-house. “Dyprion” winds things up with a stabbing tandem of keys and rotorized bass, whilst oscillating textures somewhere between heavenly and loopy wash your battered body to shore. Don’t concern yourself with the past: Baldelli’s still doggedly stuck in the future.

Gomma / 094
[Mallory O’Donnell]

June 8, 2007

Beatzcast #36: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music…

01: Chaim - Same Same feat. James Blonde [buy]
02: Baldelli & Dionigi - Dyprion [buy]
03: Cave Bear Cult - Catch the Worm [buy]
04: STFU - Shut the Fuck Up (Mouth to Mouth Remix) [buy]
05: Sebastian Ingrosso & John Dahlback - Lick My Deck [buy]
06: Lil’ Mama - Lip Gloss (William Russell Stirhouse Remix) [buy]
07: Sleeparchive - Papercup [buy]
08: Pan-Pot - What Is What (Original Mix) [buy]
09: Red Robbin & Jakob Hilden - Dandelion [buy]
10: TG - Cave the Speakers (Konrad Black Remix) [buy]
11: Baldelli & Dionigi - Darkflies [buy]
12: Gudrun Gut - Move Me (Burger & Voigt Remix) [buy]

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April 20, 2007

Charts: April 20 2007

Mallory O’Donnell
V/A - Trance Europe Express [Volume]
Hiltmeyer , Inc. - Sendling 70 [Gomma]
Cabaret Voltaire - The Crackdown [Virgin]
Sly Mongoose - Bad Pulse [Mule Musiq]
Michoacan - She’s Sent Heaven (The Emperor Machine Instrumental Remix) [Tiny Sticks]
Annie - Heartbeat (The Field Remix) [679]
Taana Gardner - Heartbeat (Larry Levan Remix) [West End]
Inner Life - Moment of My Life [Salsoul]
Ministry - I Wanted to Tell Her [Arista]
Krisma - Miami [CGD]

Michael F. Gill
Tiger Stripes - Voyage [Nite Grooves]
Root Source - Beyond The Haze [Freestyle Records]
Pendle Coven - Golden Hadron [Modern Love]
The Progressions - Fair Deal [Trojan]
The Rotating Assembly - Seasons Of My Life [Sound Signature]
Einzelkind & Meat - Bonus Beats [Get Physical]
Search and Destroy - Candyfloss [Hotflush Recordings]
Martin Circus - Before It Gets Dark [Prelude]
Wish & Fonda Rae - Touch Me [KN Records]
Aaron Broomfield - I’m Gonna Miss Ya [Mountain Records]

April 13, 2007

Charts: April 13 2007

Mallory O’Donnell
Pet Shop Boys - Back to Mine [EMI]
Hot Chip - DJ Kicks [Astralwerks]
Headman - It Rough [Gomma]
V/A - Trance-Europe Express, Vol. One [Volume]
Kathy Diamond - Over [Permanent Vacation]
George McRae - I Get Lifted (Mischief Brew Re-Edit) [OST]
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (12″ Mix) [EMI]
Herbie Hancock - Saturday Night (Beatconductor Disco Mix) [G.A.M.M.]
Inner Life - Make It Last Forever [Salsoul]
Bobby Davenport - Time (Has Come Today) [Flexx]

Michael F. Gill
Redshape - Dog Day [Millions Of Moments]
Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - People Be Happy / Rhythm Dance (Audion’s Highlight Mix) [Domino]
Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Original Mix) [Flashover Recordings]
Byron Burke - String Section [Maxi Records]
The Rurals - Mainbreak [Peng]
The KLF - Chill Out [Wax Trax]
Cherrelle - Fragile [Tabu]
Gary Low - You Are A Danger [Il Discotto]
George Aaron - Silly Reason [Full Time]
George LaMond - Where Does That Leave Love [Columbia]

March 25, 2007

The Week In Review: 2007, Week 12

DJ Koze vs. Sid le Rock - Naked (Cereal/Killers)

Peter Chambers: “Both Sid (Pan/Tone) le Rock and DJ (Adolf Noise) Koze take a ‘one eyebrow and a brimming glass raised’ approach to production—if their methods of mayhem intersect, it’s at a point where irreverence meets festivity to do the wild thang on your mixer.”

Misstress Barbara – Barcelona (Border Community)

Motiivi:Tuntematon - Speicher 46 (Kompakt Extra)

Jacopo Carreras - Olanto (Lan Muzic)

Move D - Anne Will (Remixes) (Liebe Detail Spezial)

Tomboy - Serios DJ Album Sampler (Gomma)

Rhythm Plate - Music From Our Souls EP (Winding Road Records)

Mallory O’Donnell: “…those wanting a taste of classic, warm and spacious house would do well to check this EP out.”

Sideshow - Philly Soundworks (Aus Music)

Live coverage of the 2007 Winter Music Conference in Miami: Day One, Night One, Day Two, Night Two.

Weekly Staff Charts
Latest Beatzcast (#24)

March 21, 2007

Tomboy - Serios DJ Album Sampler

In lieu of getting this album on vinyl, the “does what it says on the tin” four-tracker here will serve well enough for now. However, as I noted here, Seriřs is basically an album of mixing tools with personality. Which means we want the whole thing. On wax. The “extended” versions of “Something,” “Swan,” and “Baffioso” presented here are more or less the same as on the album, only with padded-out intros and outros for smoove mixing action. “Something” is the disco-house instrumental, a solid mid-tempo groove with some nice chunky drums; “Swan” more of a pop track that belongs on the car mixtape rather than the dancefloor; “Baffioso” being one of Barfod’s more aggressive and techy slapfests, perfect for the nuovo Italo and electro crowd. A dub version of standout track “Synchronize” rounds out the sampler, though the use of the term “dub” for it is somewhat debatable here.

Gomma / Gomma 089
[Mallory O’Donnell]

February 23, 2007

Charts: February 23 2007

Mallory O’Donnell
Dorfmeister Vs. MDLA - Boogie No More (Reverson 68 Remix) [G-Stone]
Teena Marie - Fix It (Instrumental) [Epic]
Escort - “Bright New Life” (Morgan Geist Remix) [Escort]
Blackbelt Anderson - Alfaz De Pi [Full Pupp]
Jackson Jones - I Feel Good (Pilooski Edit) [Dirty Edits]
Justin Timberlake - My Love (Linus Loves Remix) [Virgin]
Pet Shop Boys - Was It Worth It? (12″ Version) [EMI]
Tomboy - Seriřs [Gomma]
Gui Boratto - Chromophobia [Kompakt]
Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby [Casablanca]

Michael F. Gill
Slg – Anymore [Level Records]
The Model – Stargate Interlude [Underl_ne]
Kris Menace feat. Fred Falke – Fairlight [Compuphonic]
Photocall – Silver Clouds (Dexter Remix) [Clone]
Flakes – Sugar Frosted Lover [Calibre]
Proton Plus – Pay Up [Yew Wood]
Kay-Gees – Latican Funk [De-Lite Records]
Airto - Celebration Suite [Warner Bros/WEA Discos Ltda]
James “Jack Rabbit” Martin - Rabbit Trax I [Yoton]
Keith Tucker – Electro Lights [Twilight 76]

February 16, 2007

Trans Mania - Boing, Boom Jack!


Originally slated for Diskokaine’s label (home of the wonderful Sally Shapiro), this dark and electro-tinged house track is now being released through Gomma, a doubling of resources and delights that will hopefully lead to Sally Shapiro singing on the next Munk album and Tomboy being reworked by Wolfram Eckert. Given the appearance of none other than Alexander Robotnick alongside Patrick Pulsinger on remix duties for this single, could we be overly hopeful in thinking the neo-Italo cauldron in northern Europe is finally coming to a boil?

“Boing, Boom, Jack!” is exactly what it promises, I’ll tell you that much—heavy pulsating, dancefloor-shredding nouveau electro with monster old-school acid house drums and squelches, the kind of thing those black boot-donning kiddies in Copenhagen should be stomping along to right about now. The original is right insane, but the remixes shouldn’t be overlooked—Pulsinger goes deep for a reception in hard electro territory and penetrates the end zone with a vibe perfect for the Italo Superbowl Shuffle. Robotnick, old hat that he is, kicks the drums and spaceship noises into overdrive and pulls the extra point, in just a little over five minutes. God, sometimes it feels good to root for the home team, don’t it?

Gomma / Gomma 088
[Mallory O’Donnell]

December 22, 2006

2006 Year In Review: Individual Writer Lists

As a companion piece to our 2006 year in review, here are the individual lists/charts from each of our contributors. Happy reading…


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