August 11, 2006

In the Mix: Todd Burns

01. Goldfrapp - Fly Me Away [Mute]
02. Northern Lite - Cocaine [ARMUT24]
03. Cassius - Jack Rock [Virgin]
04. Maderfotor - Scissor [Ware]
05. Basteroid - Meteorchester [Areal]
06. Petter - Some Polyphony [Border Community]
07. Stephan Bodzin - Kerosene [Herzblut]
08. Jesse Somfay - Tonight’s Frail Desire [Budenzauber Recordings]
09. Tigercity - Are You Sensation? (Crambe Repetita Mix) [Igottarun]

July 14, 2006

Lopazz - Ciegos

This has a schaffel to it—remember schaffel? Possibly a better look for Lopazz after the bloodcurdling, addict-on-comedown electro-2-deathdisco of “I Need Ya,” which was catchy but nauseating. I could see someone breaking up a set of clownish Phones remixes with “Ciegos” the same way Goldfrapp’s “Ooh La La” or Soulwax’s “KracK” used to do the trick, though “Ciegos” has a better melody and fuller handclaps than both. Sillier too, and this girl’s voice is gorgeous, a tad dramatic but never thin. The big lesson here though is that all electro from this point on needs non-English lyrics, sung by non-Angry White Dudes hot off an afternoon of plugging their futon. The other two songs here might be put-ons. The first, “Discopete,” is really annoying quote-unquote bad disco, incapable of the fantastic embellishments that make quote-unquote bad disco no-quote awesome (cf. Heatwave’s “The Groove Line”). “Burned Down Houses,” sounds like a warped Frankie Knuckles vinyl—hopefully on purpose. Not that it helps.

Output / OPR 89
[Nick Sylvester]

July 14, 2006

Charts: July 14 2006

Todd Hutlock
Bandulu - Phaze In Remix [Infonet]
LocoDice - Seeing Through Shadows [Minus]
Johannes Volk - Synergetik [Mission 6277]
Ben Watt - Old Soul [Buzzin’ Fly]
Quadrant - Infinition [Planet E]
DJ T Vs. Booka Shade - Played Runner [Get Physical]
Ellen Allien & Apparat- Way Out (Robag Wruhme Vati Mafonkk Remikks) [Bpitch Control]
Goldfrapp - Fly Me Away (C2 Remix 4) [Mute]
Electronic Resistance - Marvelous Night (Claude Young Remix) [Sĺhkĺtek]
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Pull [KK]

Michael F. Gill
Tri Atma – Mikrokosmos [Erdenklang]
Lindstrom – Breakfast in Heaven [White]
Wali & The Afro Caravan - Hail the King [Solid State/Harmless]
Squallor - I Love My Disco Baby [CGD]
Stars On 33 - I Feel Music in Your Heart [Vulture Music]
Galoppierende Zuversicht – Klumpknolle [Dachkantine]
Gys – Lon (Soultek Remix) [Zer0 G Sounds]
To Rococo Rot - Music Is a Hungry Ghost [Mute]
King Tubby – Sir Niney’s Rock [Metro]
Françoise Hardy – Parlez-Moi De Lui [Asparagus]

June 16, 2006

Goldfrapp - Fly Me Away


Whatever fountain of youth Carl Craig drank from recently, I want some. After laying in wait for the last few years, Craig has exploded in a flurry of activity not seen since his heyday in the mid-90s. His remixes of Goldfrapp’s “Fly Me Away” (two are featured here, and there are two more to be found elsewhere, although all four are cut from the same cloth) strip things down to beats, moody synth washes, and some bleepy analog riffs before the divine Ms. Goldfrapp joins the mix, hovering triumphantly like a phoenix. I was reminded of Craig’s amazing work on Tori Amos’ “God” more than a decade ago, and that is a good thing. The DFA remix “Slide In” on the flip, turning it into an epic Studio 54 monster, nearly 13 minutes of mirror-balled goodness, complete with floaty strings, keyboard stabs, a chugging disco rhythm, and of course the requisite cowbell and timbales. DFA’s schticktastic remixes might be tired to some, but until someone does it better, they are still the kings. It might go on three or four minutes longer than it has to, but excess always was the hallmark of great disco.

Mute / 12Mute361
[Todd Hutlock]

June 2, 2006

Tres Demented - Shez Satan


Though he has been dropping some of the best remixes of his storied career of late (see: Theo Parrish, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, and Goldfrapp), Carl Craig thankfully has found time to release some new productions of his own. Craig’s previous Tres Demented single had an assist from Laurent Garnier, but this time out he goes it alone and is all the better for it. Over a heavy, pulsing, old skool electro-funk-a-chunk groove, Craig speaks/sings about an eeeeeevil woman (“She’s Satan!”), showcasing his long dormant love of Prince/George Clinton. Though the instrumental version may work better for dancefloors, both versions (aided by bonus beats on side B2) are funky as unwashed gym socks. Flip side “BrainFreeze” thumps along in a more up-tempo 4/4 manner as a recurring analog riff is tweaked, turned, and multiplied to menacing effect, finally coming to a head with a fuzzed-out guitar chord, percussion breakdown, and a screaming Craig—“You give me brain freeze, baby!” Damn! Craig is one of electronic music’s most original and diverse producers, and this is release shows yet another fascinating side of his musical personality—the angry side.

Planet E / PE 65285-1
[Todd Hutlock]

April 10, 2006

Lindstrom - I Feel Space (Remixes)

Cameron Octigan: As much as everyone seems to love Lindstrom, this is still the one track everyone seems to mention. It hasn’t been out for too long, but they way it’s been making the rounds through nearly every DJ’s set, it’s almost destined to be marked as “nostalgia” rather than the “anthem.” So, when I saw this on the record shelves of Amoeba in California, it didn’t really seem that interesting. However, the day I received a promo copy is the day I ran back to the shelves and bought it. The B-side is Tiefschwarz’s “Tomba Spezial Space” mix, which really isn’t all that “spezial.” The biggest difference between this track and the original is that they’ve replaced the less abrasive sounds of the original with a stompier aesthetic, plus a few uninteresting bells and whistles. The Freeform Five remix is a completely different story, though, and a major candidate for the best remix of 2006 so far. Written in two movements, like Ewan Pearson’s recent Goldfrapp remix, Freeform take only a few choice melodies from Lindstrom, and insert those pieces into a larger framework, complete with a gorgeous added vocal track. Part one follows a lush, dreamy formula, while part two breaks out the anthemic electro that actually makes listening to the original sound fresh again. Maybe Lindstrom can collaborate with Prins-Thomas on making some nice stationery to write the biggest thank you letter ever to Freeform Five.

Mallory O’Donnell: Last year’s finest single gets a new pair of remixes, as Freeform Five and Tiefschwarz both weigh in with alternating takes. I’m normally a fan of F5’s aggressive reworks, but they seem to have gone a bit timid for this one, merely beefing up the beat and losing much of the original’s finesse in the process. Still a reliable floor-filler, but short on wit or charm. Tiefschwarz, after their brilliant transition from deep house heroes to acid savants, seem stuck in a rut here. While it’s a mix I’d play out, and I’m sure sounds fine at the height of the night, it’s no more than exactly what you’d expect from them. This is a high profile release that leaves me with the distinct impression that both our top-flight talents had the kid gloves on when they went to bat. The initial rush of excitement gives way to a slightly bitter taste.

Playhouse / 121

February 10, 2006

Defender - Defender


Known mostly for their excellent remix work for Annie, DFA 1979 (their take on “Black History Month” was one of the defining mixes of last year), Royksopp, and Goldfrapp, the duo of Alan Braxe and Fred Falke make their debut as Defender with this stellar two-track single. The self-titled A-side is a bouncy, aggro romp that strongly recalls Human After All era Daft Punk (muted metal guitars, robotic backbeat,) but with an added kick in the pants courtesy of a monstrous hard-house thump. The flipside, “Bliss” is refreshingly different, a slice of pure disco heaven dripping with FX-daubed strings and gorgeous synth runs atop a smooth-yet-funky backbeat. Two tracks, two winners, and with a perfect run so far in the remix department, we could be looking at another great year for the duo.

Vulture Music / 013
[Mallory O’Donnell]