October 20, 2006

From Karaoke to Stardom - Mon Dieu Moi Aussi

Nothing’s got me gassed here, not the Super Mario World ghost castle sound that’s surely meant to be the money shot, not the boilerplate “round” digital tones or the “subdued” excuse for a kick, not the hisses of smoky white noise, as if I’ve never been to a middle school dance. Why did this get released exactly? Besides the bassline on the A-side, which gets cross-panned whenever the notes change, all funk-performatizing I hope, I can’t recommend much here, especially since the b-side tracks are same ingredients different parts, more or less. When a twelve is this bad, you have to wonder whether it’s a case of bad composition, boring sound bank, lazy producer, or your own increasingly lower expectations.

[Nick Sylvester]