February 24, 2006

Florent - G-Net

More comedown than come hither, Frenchman Florent Renard presents two pieces: a macabre night driving piece, and something like a techno remix of bad video game music. From the low rumblings of the bassline to the high-end tweets and the Lindstrom synths half way through, “G-Net” is an absolutely solid and dubby track, reminiscent of recent Wagon Repair releases, but not quite made for dancing. However, the b-side, “Ritournell,” does anything but bring to mind Sebastian Tellier’s epic track of very nearly the same name. Opening at a plenty upbeat tempo, Florent drops in an 8-bit sample that forgot to take its Ritalin, and basically the piece comes off like a vinyl copy of the Metroid soundtrack played at the wrong speed. The overall impression is that Florent is trying too many things with not enough variation; two completely different sounds, and each with an explicit teleological approach: start here, do this, end there. However, a less rushed and more focused effort might find itself a home on K1 rather than K2.

K2 / 006
[Cameron Octigan]