September 15, 2006

Fenin - Black and White


For a couple of years now, Echocord has been thee flag flyer for the vague territory between dub, minimal, and techno—something only occasionally and flirtatiously claimed by Kompakt or Shitkatapult. Compared to the label’s other stalwarts (icy) Anders Ilar and (melty) Mikkel Metal, Fenin’s records have a straight purposiveness to them. Where Anders deals in atmosphere and Mikkel writes disguised pop tunes, Fenin is a tracksmith. Unfortunately, on “Again and Again,” Fenin appears to have been smoking the same bad batch that Meteo did before producing his weirdo Peruments album, and as a result Fenin’s fine formulas have gone mong. As we all know, too much of the bad stuff will give you palpitations, or arrhythmia—go easy, kids. “Chewing Dub” is a club tune from a blunted world, but (as such) lacks any sticky parts that might attach to or gum up your imagination. “In Between” lowers the tempo and the tone with a lackluster beatscape, while “Tallyman” gets us back to house without ever seeming to find its home in a mode of being which might make it musical or interesting. Ho hum.

Echocord / echocord20
[Peter Chambers]