December 15, 2006

Insect O. & Sören Matschiste - Dschoanna


Another solid German four-tracker from a new label - is there no end to this? Though distributed by Kompakt, Etui is an unknown to me, and these spooky-yet-warm dubs slide somewhere in between the trancier end of Kompakt and the graceful tones of the Traum / Trapez axis. The A-side consists the shuffling title track and its’ slightly crunchier rework, “In Bed With Dschoanna,” a dark, pounding piece of subtly-hued minimal trance. The flip heats up considerably on “Da Ist Noch Sand,” adding more defined drums and a wobbly bassline, yet retains the delicate aura (especially on the tickling, bright synth line woven through the midsection). “Sommer and Sprosse” ends things on a bright, early-80’s-inflected note, contrasting solid kicks with slurred pads and funky layers of percussion. The slight vocal samples scattered across the EP assist the deep, humanistic electronics in justifying Etui’s slogan of “emotions for the dancefloor.”

Etui / ETUI 004
[Mallory O’Donnell]