June 14, 2007

Motorcitysoul - Kazan (Exit Cube)

Peter Chambers: Somewhere between the buzzswept soundplanes of Playmade and the introspective headroom of 240 Volts lies Aus, a label dedicated to the clean percussive lines and deep-sunk washes of dub-tech-house. It’s all a matter of “taste, not waste” (to purloin a phrase from Losoul), and it’s on full display here, polished smooth and flowing forward in full effect. Like Estroe’s recent hit “Driven” or older gear on Poker Flat, Motorcitysoul’s “Kazan” glides forward on the soft push of its lush melody, which blossoms over four minutes into a long, slow, lean break which holds just enough back. Classy gear for warming up cool-hearted floors.

The My My remix on the flip does little for the overall effect of the long, linear build which makes the sheen shiny in the original. It’s the musical equivalent of cubism, breaking the planes of the original into diamond-shaped shards then re-fitting the split facets together in the frame with lots of clever-clever edits that amp up the complications but detract from the overall effect.

Colin James Nagy: The original is a Detroit-inspired big room tune that tastefully touches on classic influences while embracing modern tones and production qualities for a near-perfect hybrid of old and new. A heavy heeled kick drum anchors layered synths, dropping into a nice, soft ambient lull before building back up again. The track doesn’t try to do too much, or get bogged down in unnecessary complexities. It just works.

Just about anything My My lay their hands on lately warrants a listen, and their remix on the flip is no different. They inject slightly more funk and swing to the track, also altering the structure and breakdown slightly. It’s not a major overhaul given the strength of the original, and speaks to their increasing talent as remixers - knowing when to leave well enough alone, while still leaving their own mark on a cut.

Aus Music / AUS0706

March 15, 2007

Estroe Driven

It took the excellent Connaisseur label only a few releases to set up its very own sub-label, Connaisseur Suprieur. But dont accuse them of market glut: the imprints remit is for 12s for special trackstunes so good that they deserve their own special platter with only a remix on the flip. Drivens a fine candidate for the treatment. For melodic minimal fans, it hits all the pleasure centers: long synth notes make up a smooth backing thats augmented by a similarly sedate drum pattern with tightly coiled sonar tendrils spilling their riff over the bed. Its deep, cloyingly emotional, and one of the best tracks released this year. Jamie Jones Pacific Mix takes Driven is just as exceptional, if slightly less satisfying. He takes the track to the big room, turning sonar into air raid and beefing up the bass considerably. Highly recommended.

Connaisseur Suprieur / cnss004-6
[Todd Burns]