August 11, 2006

Esoterik - Starwaves


Considering his pedigree and genre-hopping, Kirk Degiorgio keeps a relatively low profile, which is a shame really. The man has made many a killer cut over the years and had a hand in the pioneering stages of many important labels and careers. But when was the last time you heard anyone mention his name, if ever? His latest release as Esoterik likely won’t go a long way to changing that, and that too, is a shame. Degiorgio’s original is a mellow Detroit-inspired track reminiscent of some of Juan Atkins’ smoother work as Model 500, among others, with big synth washes and a pulsing hi-hat pushing the groove along in that wonderful Motor City-by-way-of-Mars style. The Jimpster remix pops a bit harder, stripping things down and adding some cut-up voice and slap-bass snatches for a funky good time, while Spirit Catcher gets all retro disco by way of a clipped synth riff and some seriously tweaked vocals. Sleep on him no longer.

Freerange / FR073
[Todd Hutlock]