September 7, 2007

Beatzcast #47: Crambe Repetita


Stylus editor Todd Burns presents a mix of electronic music…

01: Johan Agebjorn feat. Sally Shapiro - Spacer Woman From Mars [buy]
02: Basteroid - Error Del Disco [buy]
03: Tensnake - White Dog [buy]
04: Staffan Linzatti - Quibble (Efdemin Remix) [buy]
05: The Viewers - Blank Images [buy]
06: Samim - Heater (Claude Von Stroke Mix) [buy]
07: Solomun - Jungle River Cruise [buy]
08: Innersphere - Phunk (Ricardo Villalobos Remix) [buy]

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May 31, 2007

Prinzhorn Dance School - Up! Up! Up!


Prinzhorn Dance School sounds like an innocuous enough name. The group might reject the typical publicity blitz, offering just the barest décor of a website, shadows instead of profiles, and are missing the 21st century business card - a myspace page. But leave it to the U.S. government to make your little hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Now accompanying their rejected Spring tour visas, Prinzhorn’s Sussex sneer and militant drumming suddenly have taken some terror-ridden overtones – “you are a space invader” indeed.

Which makes the new single, Up! Up! Up!, sound even funnier and more tragic in context. Prinzhorn certainly don’t go out of their way to strike the ominous pose that they could get away with given their last couple months. Instead, the retro-riding boy-girl two-piece gets road weary on the title track. Left with hoarse throats, the group’s chants become screams while they spend their days watching cockroaches and fishes. Somewhere along the way, Prinzhorn’s minimal no-wave blueprint gets stretched into a landscape. It’s only amplified by the weak toss-off of a b-side, “Hamworthy Sports And Leisure Center” – a song that reveals how Prinzhorn teeters on the edge of failure with every step. But with two great tracks under their belt (”Up! Up! Up!” & “Space Invader”), it’s time to bring on the album.

[Nate DeYoung]

September 29, 2006

Tobi Neumann - Flieder Lieder

Despite a nearly unreadable font and a few glaring errors on the tracklisting, Neumann’s mix is pretty on point here, treading that fertile ground between minimal, tech-house, and deep house grooves. Standouts include Cassy’s “Night To Remember,” DJ Yellow’s “Goddess,” Thomas Melchoir & Luciano’s “Father,” and Femi Kuti’s “Traitors of Africa.” That’s right, I said Femi Kuti. Neumann’s transitions are inspired, and the mix is full of lively movements and solid pacing, but I swear if I hear Tobias’ “Street Knowledge” on one more mix I’m gonna toss it out my car window. All in all, though, another winner from Cocoon’s mix series.

Cocoon / COR MIX 015
[Todd Hutlock]

September 8, 2006

33 1/3 Queen - Volume Two


Here’s a real EP, covering a wide spectrum of taste and sound, re-presenting the past into a neat present. For those of you too young to remember or too jaded to care, 33/3 Queen’s “Searchin” was a big, main room stomper on Nu-Groove records back in 1990. Re-appearing here in Rob Rives’ (Floppy Sound) re-blessed form, the original has lost none of its jarring, full-bore impact. It’s the kind of record that most will find tasteless, some will discover as a guilty pleasure, while other perverted souls will gush over it endlessly. The B is the “opposite” side, in more ways than mood; both Ray Mang’s deliciously fu(n/c)ked up version of “Disco Four” and DJ Spun’s stripped-back edit of “Steal Blue” work via subtlety. If the A brutalises you with beats, the Bs frot you with the funk. Spun’s edit would almost work best as a mixing tool, making it “useful” but not wonderful, unless you’re part of that rare breed of disco-mnml lovers I’ve heard rumours about. Mang’s mix, utilizing a super-infectious guitar loop and full array of background explosions, reverbs, and “weird noises” (including what sounds like the Powerbook “error” effect at one stage) is the pick of the EP, but having all three together on one piece of wax would be a worthy and interesting proposal.

Tu-Rong / TR-003
[Peter Chambers]

August 25, 2006

Xaver Naudascher - Motor City / Lost


Motor City being Detroit, the flat, rattling synth riddim that forms the a-side’s base should surprise nobody. It could have come off the first Plastikman album or a less neurotic Basic Channel twelve, so God bless Naudascher for his honesty and humility. That said, X.N. goes beyond homage. First are the monstrous 70s cockrock tom solos, not unlike beardo Rub-N-Tug’s infatuation with big drum sounds in small places. And while he could have settled there, Naudascher puts the grooves in service of a twerpy, strangled, albeit utterly hypnotic synth melody—what I imagine “Axel F” must have sounded like in 1984—complete with before-the-storm swells, sirens, and other embellishments normally reserved for trance. B-side “Lost” has robot voices and countoffs and wide hi-hat sounds and acid ticks and rocker squelches like any Detroit terror techno track—totally fine, but a tough sell after the wide-reaching topside.

Supersoul Recordings / SSREC001
[Nick Sylvester]

March 24, 2006

In The Mix: Todd Burns


1. Cosmic Sandwich - Man in a Box (Daso Remix)
2. Marc Romboy - Disco Impact
3. Sleeparchive - Bleep04
4. Sasse feat. Kiki - Loosing Touch
5. Error Error - Your Everlasting Breath (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix)
6. Lazy Fat People - Dark Water
7. Minilogue - The Girl from Botany Bay
8. Daso - Go Upstairs

March 10, 2006

Error Error - Remix 1

You can tell that Error Error said two one word answers to each participating artist in this remix 12” when asked what sort of feel to go for. The word for Antonelli was “Detroit.” He takes Error Error’s bouncy, ecstatic take on “music make you lose control” and stretches it out to its breaking point, employing the original’s organ to provide the bed in which the rest of the composition lies. The whole thing sounds like it might find a nice home on a Depth Charge compilation, but it’s too melancholic and not enough of a risk-taker for my tastes. Paul Kalkbrenner’s word was “Euro.” His ebullient version of “Your Everlasting Breath” is more my speed, increasing the pace and allowing a little bit of the disco into the solemn proceedings. As if nodding back to Antonelli, a mournful organ makes its way into the mix late into the track, only to be subsumed by one of the squelchier basses I’ve heard this week.

Italic / 057
[Todd Burns]

November 7, 2005

In the Mix: Michael F. Gill - “Lessons In Not Thinking #1″

The first in what will hopefully a series of manic dance mixes that spans through all kinds of new house, minimal, techno, and disco in a quick, ADD-type of fashion. 31 tracks in under 80 minutes is a bit overwhelming, and that’s exactly the point. My experience of dance music is often overwhelming, and involves hyperactive and obsessive emotions. It’s visceral and physical, a melting sigh with a craftsmen’s touch. It’s that Tuesday night at 4 am with the headphones on, lying on the kitchen floor, thinking about chaos and Taoism. Or something.

1 Yasushi Miura - Oceans (Kp, 2005)
2 G-Man - Quo Vardis (Swim~, 1995)
3 Error Error - Rotten (Italic, 2005)
4 Danton Eeprom - Oddbassliner (Virgo, 2005)
5 Chelonis R. Jones - I Don’t Know [Michael F Gil’s “Midas Touch” Mix] (Get Physical/Blank Start, 2005)
6 Robag Wruhme - Wortkabular [Luciano Remix] (Musik Krause, 2005)
7 Pier Bucci - Tita (Crosstown Rebels, 2005)
8 Pig & Dan - Love Myself (Sonic Society, 2005)
9 Henrik Schwarz - Feel Good [Juju Christian Mix] (Zeppelin Recordings, 2005)
10 Oasis - Nine (Fxhe, 2005)
11 Planck Length - Salidas (Blank Start, 2005)
12 Jesse Somfay - This Fragile Addiction (Traum, 2005)
13 Steve Barnes - Man In A Box [Jesse Somfay’s Trapped In 1981 Mix] (My Best Friend, 2005)
14 Mcfadden & Whitehead - Ain’t No Stoppin’ [Ain’t No Way] (Buddah, 1984)
15 Teena Marie - Midnight Magnet [Instrumental Version] (Epic, 1983)
16 Dandy Jack & The Junction SM - Casper House (Perlon, 2005)
17 Keith Tucker - Nemesis (Puzzlebox, 1998)
18 I’m Not A Gun - Make Sense & Loose [Ulrich Schnauss Remix] (City Centre Offices, 2003)
19 L.U.P.O. - Hell or Heaven (Low Spirit, 1990)
20 Edo Van Asseldonk - Moon 2 Moon (Phonocult, 2005)
21 DK7 - Where’s The Fun [Sweet Light Remix] (Output, 2005)
22 Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee [Smith & Hack Unreleased Mix Pt. 1] (Playhouse, 2004)
23 Teenage DJ - Time and Place [Disco Break] (Disco Best, 2005)
24 Amp Dog Knight - Over U (Mahoghani, 2005)
25 Schatrax - Just For Fun (Classic/Schatrax, 2001)
26 Soulphiction - What’s Your Name (Freude Am Tanzen, 2004)
27 Moodymann - LT1 #2 (KDJ, 2005)
28 Zachary Lubin - Introduction To Algorithms (6277, 2005)
29 Donato Dozzy & Exercise One - People of Paprika (Lan Muzic, 2005)
30 Dapayk & Midnight - Emergency (Fenou, 2005)
31 Ezekiel Honig - Transportation Application (Microcosm, 2005)