November 3, 2006

MAS 2008 - Alles Klar?!

2007 Prediction: EBM is the new old shit. Industrial’s chrome-scented revival may take a bit longer, though cuts like “Waters of Nazareth” imply that it will arrive hotly-tipped when it does. For now we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with New Beat-flirtations and genre exercises like those of MAS 2008. These boys have spent their studio hours well, whittling away at that perfect ‘82 drum sound, and emerged with Alles Klarsix wickedly good excuses to strap on paratrooper boots and shave your head like Travis Bickle. “Blicke” crunches and churns like Legowelt, “Memories” brings the synthpop flavor ala Soviet, and “Beatin’ Faster” could easily soundtrack your next experiment with leather restraints. What else you need to know?

Electronic Corporation / ELCO 14.0
[Mallory ODonnell]