April 10, 2006

Fairmont - Gazebo Remixes

Canadian producer Jake Fairley’s Fairmont project was always a tight fit on Border Community. It is, after all, a label with an obvious strong trance and progressive house influence running through each of its releases. However, with a re-release on Electrochoc, “Gazebo” returns with a simple re-edit titled “Gazebo (Remix),” and like the name it fails to impress. Essentially it’s a rearrangement with the main melodies held out in certain places and shortened in others. Darker than simple tech-house, Lifelike/Inner City remixer Sebastian Léger’s recontextualization of Fairmont’s original melodies, within his own added production, lends a different overall feel to the track, emphasizing the tension within the brilliant original. Although there is still a good deal of down time in the track, it is a much friendlier version for dancers. Though not on Border Community, this could easily find a home there. And like all of BC’s projects, this is absolutely worth owning.

Electrochoc / 009
[Cameron Octigan]