February 10, 2006

DSP Speedwagon - What Happened

It’s no AIDS Wolf, but DSP Speedwagon should divide most dance enthusiasts to one side or the other based solely on the name. Luckily, the music isn’t as self-conscious: Opener “What Happened” throws the granules on the ground at regular intervals, but allows the deep four-four bass to lead the way into a kind of screech-bleep netherworld where the acid basslines have become bulbous creatures with lives of their own. “Thunderthighs” and “Polish This Oscar” continue along the same tack, following the example of Alex Smoke’s “Brian’s Lung” in a fearless attempt to muck around with the house template, while never straying far enough away to alienate those dependent on a solid beat.

Trapez / 061
[Todd Burns]